Let’s talk about one of the most incredible moment of everyone’s life. Obviously I mean the moment of proposal.  A very responsible step, right? Usually it happens only ones, so it is not a surprise that we try to organize everything perfectly to create one of the most beautiful and memorable secret engagement ever.they are hugging

That sound quite difficult, isn’t it? How can we be sure that everything would go as we planned? Well, an experienced Charleston hidden proposal photographer will help you with such uneasy task.moment before a kiss

Patrick called me in advance so we had an opportunity to discuss everything in detail. It is very important because a photographer can give his or her client quite useful tips and advice as well as create the whole plan of your future photo session.they are hugging

Waterfront Park was chosen as the location. Amazing choice, by the way! Just look at these backgrounds on the photos and decide by yourself!

As I said it was a secret proposal photography so Chelsea didn’t suspect anything. Be sure, I work better than any spy! Of course after the proposal itself she was very excited. So I came to them, introduced myself to Chelsea and we took some more incredible pictures.he is hugging her

It was an amazing day! Thank you so much, Patrick and Chelsea!

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    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer