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Announcing the wedding date to guests is so called save the date – special greeting card with a couple’s photo and a date of ceremony. Now it has become a sweet and smart tradition to inform people with such a card about the day X. But it’s a kind of a quest to find new save the date photo ideas. But loving hearts are not afraid of difficulties!

engagement photo Charleston the moment of proposal near photo they both wearing white

Using this tradition a couple can:

  • get closer by inventing their announcement;
  • show the style and design of the future wedding;
  • try to show their creative skills and a sense of humour;
  • have great moments by making a save the date photoshoot.
family photo charleston pregnant woman and her husband on the bridge

The most difficult thing is to think of a unique and creative save the date photo story and design. Because design is not the easiest thing in the pre-wedding process especially when you see dozens of other’s designs. The most suitable way to solve this mind breaking problem is to delegate it to some photographer or a photo agency.

engagement photo Charleston they are running in field and holding their hands

But if you want to express your own ideas or choose some examples with your loved, check these tips how to invent impressive save the date. Don’t be shy or ordinary! It’s your wedding, it’s your chance to rule the world, well, at least the ceremony.

Use the location

Yes, location can help you to fix the time of your future ever after high! You can put the date:

  • on the wall behind you;
  • on the sand under your feet;
  • on the highway;
  • on the street advert;
  • on a special poster;
  • on some table;
  • on the chalk desk;
  • on the car glass;
  • on the bench;
  • or whatever, just use your imagination to make every surface in the location a save the date.

This tip isn’t about to photoshop the date. Use real things, written or made in some way text and numbers. If you need some inspiration don’t give up and look only through sites. Use Pinterest or Instagram. Check fashion accounts in every social media ’cause they usually post very innovative and extraordinary design, graphics and photos.

Write the date

Writing the date using unusual ways or techniques, materials and places is another tip how to impress everyone not only with the news about coming ceremony but with save the date card too. In what places hidden in our everyday life you can write a date on photo:

  • on the back;
  • on the hand;
  • on the boot sole;
  • on the umbrella;
  • on the forehead;
  • on the fridge;
  • on your door;
  • on the mirror;
  • on the coach.

Come on, you can write down a date in so many different places, so we can continue the list till the end of the times.

What materials you can use to write down your important numbers:

  • paints;
  • ink;
  • pastel;
  • lipstick;
  • stones;
  • flowers;
  • beads;
  • leaves;
  • candy;
  • cakes;
  • snow;
  • sand;
  • coins;
  • salt and pepper.

Use the first rule of creative content: mix upside down all the parts to get a new product!

Ask pets for help

Stop posting your sweet dog or cat on Facebook! Let them work like a model and a helper during save the date photoshoot. It’s quite effective tip. Pets can do many useful things:

  • to take a desk with a date;
  • to wear some clothes with written numbers;
  • to eat cookies which are making a text;
  • to catch balloons with a date in their teeth;
  • to sit on the surface with a wedding date pretending to be a dot.

Even if you’ve got beloved but useless for help creature take it on the save the date photo. Pets are everlasting trend!

Photoshop the date

Oh, the Photoshop power is the most powerful tip to create incredible card! You can feel like a magician and post a ceremony date:

  • in the sky;
  • beyond the stars;
  • on the water;
  • on the traffic light;
  • on the score table;
  • on the Google page;
  • in the eyes of a happy couple;
  • on the cheek;
  • on the street adverts;
  • on the ring like the text in “The Lord of the Rings”;
  • on the flag;
  • on the departure and arrivals;
  • on the laptop.

Photoshop gives you a chance to hack a reality and place save the date wherever you want. Be brave and don’t think a standard.

Use unusual card material

Who said that save the date card should be only a piece of paper? Let’s break this stereotype and make it with a:

  • wood;
  • glass;
  • plastic;
  • sewn, felted or knitted card;
  • loteria like;
  • application or file;
  • an old photo card;
  • an x-ray;
  • baggage tag like;
  • badge like;
  • poster like;
  • menu like;
  • form like;
  • credit card ot 100$ like.

Just look around and find things that can inspire your design. It’s not a new idea to make common things serve you like they don’t usually do it.

Make creative photos

But all these tips wouldn’t work if you make common boring photos like everyone does. Kisses? Yes! Hugs? Definitely! But they shouldn’t be the same as 1 billion photos before your save the date photo! Every detail can help you to make unique photos:

  • light;
  • colour;
  • focus;
  • poses;
  • gestures.

Of course, good experienced photographer will find a trick to represent your couple the best way. But even a professional can show a low level of creativity. It depends, you know. So tell him your crazy stunning ideas to make a photo that could be awarded and placed on the cover!

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