June 4, 2022

One day Cory and Marilyn decided it was time to formalize their relationship. A wonderful period of wedding planning began, making a guest list, and booking photographers in Charleston. So, what did Cory and Marilyn pull off?

A beautiful outdoor ceremony took place on Seabrook Island, under tall palm trees by the water, to the applause of the dearest people. On June 4, 2022, Mr. and Mrs. Butner officially appeared. The first kiss, the first embrace as husband and wife. The photo by the circular arch is decorated with flowers as a symbol of endless love.

Cozy Charleston was the setting for Cory and Marilyn’s wedding because the bride adored the town. Seabrook Island captivated with its nature and great location.

The bride chose a dress with open shoulders and a beautiful neckline for the day. The belt of the outfit was decorated with glittering stones. The head was covered with a veil. In her hands was a delicate bouquet of white roses and greenery. The friends in dark blue gowns looked gorgeous.

The groom in a classic black suit with a bowtie matched the gorgeous bride. The groom’s friends wore black suits and blue ties.

Incredibly glowing Mr. and Mrs. Butner lettering originally decorated the place of celebration. Lively flowers, dried spikelets, white fabric under the roof-all created a light and relaxed atmosphere of celebration. There was dancing, singing, laughter and fun. This day was definitely the most memorable for the couple.

The meeting place of the future couple was the Birkdale center. Walking and eating ice cream, Cory and Marilyn got to know each other better.

Their story of love continued for five years. During this time, they have overcome many challenges and become best friends for each other. In a few years, the couple sees themselves as happy and successful. Traveling, careers, a lake house and boating.

Cory, when asked, “What do you love most about her?” Thoughtfully answered, “Her love of family and her determination to always be better in life.”

Marilyn, when asked, “What do you love most about him?” gave the following answer without hesitation: “From day one Cory had made me feel like I could be 100% myself. We bonded over sarcasm and he always makes me laugh. He supports me, pushes me to be better and has always made me feel like he has my back no matter what. I have never felt so at peace with anyone. Even when I’m having a bad day, Cory just knows how to be there for me and make it better.

The Charleston wedding photography team wishes Cory and Marilyn many more colorful and memorable events in their married life. Cherish the love and tenderness in your couple.

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