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The essence of the service of small wedding photographer in Charleston is taking photographs of a small wedding show, which is usually 1-2 hours long. If a couple doesn’t want to have a luxurious, lush wedding, the choice of a small wedding photographer is the most suitable. Normally they have such desire when the coming wedding isn’t the first one or when they just want to celebrate this event in a romantic atmosphere surrounded by their closest friends and relatives. This service takes little time and even thus there are enough memorable beautiful wedding photographs.


It’s very important for a couple to find a common language with a photographer, because there is often a little amount of people present at such event and almost all the time the couple and the photographer are together. If there is no friendly contact, of course everything can go wrong and the result of work leaves much to be desired. That is the main criteria of the selection of a professional photographer.

The payment is hourly as a rule, but it usually depends on what exactly a couple wants. If they want some special services, the price will be higher.

The service is good for you, because its cost is less, you spend less time for this part of the wedding organization, but you still have a lot of professional colorful photographs. You waste less nerves, but the result is quiet the same as you would have if you ordered full photo session. If you order this kind of service, you will remember experienced joyful events for a long time looking at these photographs. Small wedding photography packages are really popular nowadays because people try to get more done in less time, so this type of service is suitable for everyone, especially if you are going to have a honeymoon after the wedding party and you want to save as much money as possible for this vacation.

Whether you order a small wedding photography from me, it will be a guaranteed result: you will have a package of professional, magnificent and living photographs that will capture your unforgettable emotions on this significant day forever. You can have different kinds of work result such as print products, photographs and wedding video. My services are really popular in Charleston and there are plenty of positive feedbacks and reviews about my work. The trust level is very high, because I always approach my work with all responsibility and, what is the most important, I’m in love with my job and always happy to help people in saving the most positive emotions for the whole life! I’m the small wedding photographer who believes that the most important thing on a wedding day is that you enjoy each other and have the best time ever. My mission and at the same time my desire is to create the unforgettable adventure in Charleston’s most beautiful places for you and your fiancée. And, what is the most important, I’m hear near you!

Small wedding photography packages create the best memories: your special day will be captured for generations to come. Share your happiest emotions with family and friends! Your photos will be with you throughout the years to share and revisit. Don’t leave it up to chance plan for your tomorrows today. Begin to create your new family history in images that last a lifetime!