May 14, 2021

I met Sarah and Justin when I did a photo session for them and their dog Bouj. They were a wonderful and sincere couple who appreciated each other and enjoyed every moment spent together. They made a lot of common plans, and the very first and main plan was to have their beautiful Island house wedding.

Sarah and Justin got married on May 14, 2021. To say they had a wonderful wedding is nothing to say. It was an amazing spring wedding with an atmosphere that filled everything with freshness. With white and green as the main colors, it was stunning and from my point of view, as a wedding photographer, a perfect color contrast. Sarah and Justin are very photogenic and were very easy to work with. And the natural colors made it possible to take great shots. Just imagine a field of flowers and a bride standing in the middle of it in a lush white dress with a long veil. She held her hands with the groom against the background of the setting sun. And this was not a movie scene, but reality that would become a part of the family wedding album. The wedding ceremony was a very touching moment. The newlyweds stood near the floral decorations against the background of the water and the sun. It created a wonderful natural backdrop for the photo.

Listening to the live music, guests and newlyweds moved into a tent on the river bank to have fun. Although the day was hot, the water created a feeling of freshness. The Island House was a really picturesque wedding venue.  It’s a great territory for both celebration and photo shoot. Wonderful family portraits were taken against a backdrop of greenery. The portraits of Sarah and Justin on the little river bridge at sunset were perfect – the focus, the natural play of shadows, the flexibility of the angles.

The Island House wedding atmosphere was very fun and relaxed. And all this celebration was accompanied by music, cheers and congratulations. The night shooting was also a success. The whole tent was decorated with lanterns on the sides, which created a soft light on the night background.

Being a guest at this wedding was a great honor and a new professional experience for me, the Island House wedding photographer.

Venue | The Island House

Day of coordinator | Brad Buchanan 

Music | Seitu Soloman, Rob Corbett

Officiant | Richard Vaughn 

Floral Design | Forever Flower and Flowers & Foliage

Wedding Dress | Coastal Knot Bridal Boutique

Hair and Makeup | Vanity Salon SC

Bridesmaids Dresses | Kennedy Blue

Men’s Attire | Suits 

Catering | Charleston Catering and Events

Cake | Sweet Rhi

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer