All people like reminisce from time to time, recalling some bright and warm memories. Our most of the happiest moments in life are connected with the family. Therefore, it is no wonder people want to save some memories. A family photo session in Charleston is a good decision for this purpose. To make it perfect you should take into account the most important issues. It is better to think over an idea, clothing, time and place of the photo session in advance.

The last points can be the most difficult as many people do not pay much attention to it. Why is it such a problem? You can like being spontaneous but it is not a good idea when you want to photograph children. They are very emotional and active, but kids can get tired fast or just become afraid of unfamiliar surroundings. We hope this article will help you to decide on the best time and place for your family photography in together


Time is an important condition of great shoots. If you are going to have a photo session with small kids, there are two points of view.

On the one hand, the most beautiful and charming photos are taken on the sunrise or one hour before the sunset. The light is tender and romantic, any place becomes more enchanting and attractive. By the way, at that time Charleston family photographer has better conditions for taking really good and qualitative photos.

On the other hand, you should follow your children’s regime. And it is more important. It is better to keep in mind that no matter how good the light is, if a child is uncomfortable the photo session will not turn out to be successful. Remember your main purpose. Sincere emotions and relaxed behavior will help to create really warm family pictures. If you still can not make up the decision ask your photographer for advice.

Together we can solve any problem!brothers and sister


There are 3 features you should bear in mind choosing a place for a family photo session.

1)    Decide on whether you want to hold a photography in a familiar place or want to try something new. Some children, especially small ones, are afraid of new things so it can be hard to make them relaxed. If you understand that you do not have such a problem you can visit undiscovered places.

2)    People who have a photo session during their vacation often prefer beaches. It is a wonderful choice. By the way, beaches are suitable when your kid is rather shy. But it is difficult to find shades if holding a photo session in the middle of the day. And harsh light can damage children’s eyes. So, sometimes it is better to choose a park rather than a beach.

3)    Decide on a purpose of a photo session. What idea do you want to realize? Are these photos for your private albums or is it a gift for grandparents? What background do you want to see on your shoots? It is better to concretize expectations to be satisfied with a result.on the beach

Here I can offer your some wonderful places in Charleston that can become the perfect venue for your family photo session.

1. Plantations and Parks  amaze with their great variety of nature. A stunning combination of magnificent trees and colorful flowers in blossom will be a good background for photos and a great place just for having fun with your children. You can always find a shade on a too bright day here. If you are interested, pay attention to Middleton Place, Drayton Hall, Boone Hall, Magnolia Plantation & Gardens, Hampton Park, Smythe park.

2. Beaches help to create the most gentle and intimate pictures.  Folly Beach, Sullivan’s Island, Isle of Palms, Morris Island will make your photo session secluded and calm. It is especially important for shy kids. Here they can express themselves.

3. Downtown houses an unrivalled beauty of  both gorgeous nature and charming architecture. The Battery & White Point Gardens, Waterfront Park, College of Charleston campus, Washington square will become not only a lovely venue for the photo session but a great place for a stroll with children.

You can see that there are a great number of variants for a photo session. If you feel lost just get in touch with me and we will do the utmost to make your shoots excellent. And remember that the main key to a successful Charleston family photo session is your good mood!

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