December 3, 2022

It’s amazing that among billions of people, two people find each other and don’t want to separate anymore. A series of circumstances and accidents lead to that very meeting, to that very look, to that very first smile. And after that, everything changes.

Jacob and Caitlyn have known each other since the third grade. And they liked each other even then. After their senior year of high school, they became a couple. But now a new chapter has begun in their love story.

The couple arrived at the ceremony in a yellow Ferrari sports convertible. An original appearance and a great addition to the beautiful photos in front of the church.

The incredibly beautiful Unity Presbyterian Church was the place where Jacob and Caitlyn said important vows to each other. On December 3, 2022, they became husband and wife in the spacious hall of the church in front of the majestic organ.

After the touching ceremony at the church, Jacob and Caitlyn had a great time with family and friends. Dancing in the light of neon, heartfelt toasts, and fun contests. It was a day to remember for sure, without exception.

Dusty blue, sage green, navy blue, and ivory were combined in the decorations and decorations for the wedding. The Christmas details added a special atmosphere to the celebration. Arrangements of fresh flowers and candles decorated the guests’ tables.

Jacob took an original approach to proposing to Caitlyn. He recreated the date they had earlier in Charleston when Caitlyn came to visit him. Then he hid roses all over downtown, and it ended up on a little pier by Waterfront Park. On that special day, they went to the same pier again, and it was there that Jacob proposed.

The couple chose beautiful Fort Mill for their wedding. So why this particular city? Many of the couple’s relatives live in Fort Mill. Caitlyn had also been going to Unity Presbyterian Church since she was a little girl.

We decided to ask Caitlyn, “What do you love most about him?” She gave the following answer, “The way he treats me like a princess, always knows how to make me laugh, and his optimistic attitude.” Her happy eyes spoke for themselves.

What was Jacob’s answer to a similar question? The groom gave a very sweet answer, “I love her spontaneity, her never-ending support for me and my passions, and I love her laugh and smile more than anything.”

Our team of Charleston wedding photographers was thrilled to capture the most iconic moments of your love celebration. Take care of each other and let all your plans together become a reality.

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer