Engagement is one of my favorite type of photography. As a Charleston engagement photographer I had lots of chances to be a part of this important event. And I will never forget Victor and Kate’s story.they are together

What is a perfect engagement photo session for you? Of course, first of all it must be romantic. You must have an opportunity to look at the photos in many years with a big smile on your face. I suppose, Victor and Kate’s photo session was just like that! We managed to take many different photos in different locations and I love all of them.he is hugging her

The couple was very active, we enjoyed every moment of our photography. At the beginning they were a little bit shy, but it is a Charleston proposal photographer’s job – help the clients to relax.he is hugging her

Some photos were taken near the water, some – on the background of beautiful building and stairs. I was very happy to find out that Victor and Kate really liked all the photographs, so I can consider my work to be complete!they are standing near wall

All my clients are amazing and you were simply brilliant! We had so much fun and I really hope to work with you again. Thank you so much for this experience! they are togetherhe is hugging her

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    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer