November 5, 2021

A wedding is a celebration of love, when tears flow with happiness and you want to share your feelings with the world. You realize how abruptly your life is changing and your relationship is moving to a new stage.

Megan and AJ chose November 5, 2021, as the date for their celebration. Holy City Brewing hosted the couple and their guests on this milestone day. A great location with an original interior and plenty of space for the ceremony. The building is surrounded by greenery, huge trees where we took some cozy shots of the couple. By the way, the couple spent more than one unforgettable evening in this place. When a new building began to be built next to it, they jokingly told each other that they could get married there. And a few years later it all came true.

The color scheme of the wedding stylishly combined the color of the sea wave, blue, gold, white, and green. The couple accented the rustic style. The celebration was remembered with bright and happy moments.

Let’s look at the main details of the bride’s image. Meghan chose a wedding dress with open shoulders and an embroidered bodice for the reception. A necklace and pearl earrings added elegance to the image. We can’t ignore the bridesmaids in navy blue dresses.

Let’s move on to the groom. He chose a blue business suit with a vest. A bright detail was a golden tie. The groom’s friends wore suits in a lighter shade of blue. A great color combination in the men’s images.

The couple did not hesitate to choose Charleston as their wedding city. It became their home, the place they had met, and the keeper of many wonderful, happy memories.

Our team of Charleston wedding photographers would like to once again congratulate Megan and AJ on their marriage. May love, loyalty and mutual support accompany you in your married life.

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer