August 28, 2022

Why not have a wedding in an aquarium? Marianna and Josh thought it was a great idea and made it a reality. SC Aquarium became the place where they said “I do” to each other on August 28, 2022. Smiles, laughter and a great mood accompanied the entire celebration. Interestingly enough, the couple played the wedding literally on the 5th anniversary of their relationship.

The nautical theme was evident in the design of the room. Tables were placed directly next to tanks with exotic fish behind glass. For wedding rings the couple chose a box in the form of a seashell. Agree, this is very original!

The couple had their First Look near the Aquarium. The pictures from Charleston wedding photographers on the endless water and bridge turned out very memorable. Future husband and wife looking into the distance, to meet their beautiful and happy future.

The bride chose a dress with an airy skirt, a luxurious plume, and tulle falling from her shoulders for this special day. A real sea beauty! The wedding bouquet of white, blue and purple flowers was a gentle addition to her image. The groom chose a dark blue suit and a colored tie. Such a charming couple!

Marianna and Josh were brought together by Tinder. The couple arranged to meet at the Aquarium, since Marianna had a season ticket there. It was raining that day and Josh was running to the building (he was running a little late). Marianna and Josh froze next to each other for a moment because the girl immediately recognized him and the guy didn’t recognize her. It was awkward, but very funny.

The couple chose Charleston for their celebration because it was the city that gave them each other. It was the place where they decided to start a new chapter of their relationship.

We asked Marianna, what do you love most about him? Laughing, she replied, “His determination astounds me. He’ll decide we don’t have enough shelf space and use scrap wood to assemble more. He’ll discover an interest in plants and have a garden established at the end of the week. I’ll make a comment about wanting to have a spot to read outside and he clears a spot by the creek at our house by the end of the day. Once he puts his mind on something he’ll get it done – even if he’s never done it before.”

We asked Josh the same question. And he answered, without hiding his happy eyes: “Everyone loves her, for obvious reasons. People have literally written essays about what a great person she is, that’s not a joke. She encourages me to grow in a positive direction every day. She’s patient with me and accepts me without hesitation and she never fails to brighten up the room.”

Marianna and Josh, we, wedding photographers, wish you to cherish each other and keep the bright feeling of love between you. Be happy and go towards all your dreams together!

Venue | South Carolina Aquarium

Officiant | Anna Baker

Rental, Floral Design, Catering | Duvall Catering & Events

Wedding dress | The Poinsett Bride

Hair and Makeup | Pink DOT Beauty Bar

Bridesmaids Dresses | David’s Bridal

Men’s attire | Men’s Wearhouse

Cake | The Tenacious Tart

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer