April 1, 2023

Let’s move on to the Swain Boating Center at The Citadel. This is an amazing scenic location. Beautiful water access, incredible sunsets, dock, green lawns and palm trees. Romantic, quiet and yet atmospheric in a special way. The majestic Swain Boating Center adds to the charm of the setting. And it’s perfect for small and large celebrations.

It was in this perfect location for a Charleston wedding that Kelly & Steven had their celebration on April 1, 2023. It was a wonderful and happy day.

They organized the signing outdoors by the water, with a backdrop of small boats. The sun illuminated the happy bride and groom. The guests couldn’t hold back tears of happiness. It was like being in a romantic movie.

Our team of Charleston wedding photographers wanted to emphasize sincere emotions, genuine feelings, and convey the warm atmosphere of the wedding in each photo.

The couple’s meeting took place in Texas. It was a blind date on the eve of Kelly’s birthday. The meeting turned out to be more than successful and the couple talked until the restaurant closed. Thus began their story. The couple lives in Charleston, so they made the decision to hold the wedding here. Especially since Charleston is a great location for a wedding any time of the year.

We asked the bride: “What do you love most about him?”. The girl did not hide her happiness and replied: “I love Steven’s patience, and his kind heart. He is the most loyal person I know and loves fiercely”.

The same question was addressed to the groom: “What do you love most about her?”. His answer speaks for itself: “Kelly is the most humble and kind woman I have ever known. Kelly is so beautiful, but remains shy and is the most loyal person that I know. I love her compassion for others and for animals. She simply makes me a better person and I would be dead without her”.

Our team of wedding photographers in Charleston congratulates the couple on their wedding day. We hope our photos will be a great reminder of the day. Love, surprise, and support each other.

Wedding Planner | Tara Leclaire

Venue | Swain Boating Center

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer