September 5, 2021

The wedding of Deana and Ryan was inspired by two meaningful and heartwarming words – Love and Family. And you can feel it looking through the photos. Boho chic style was chosen as the wedding theme. This style helped to reflect the feelings of the dearest people gathered for such a special day. Thus, it was romantic yet a bit relaxed, so everything looked sincere and natural. Emerald, sage green and small purple accents brought a sort of a natural harmony to the whole event. 

It was a traditional Lakehouse at Bulow wedding that took place on September 5, 2021. Since Deana is native, it was easy to choose the right venue. The day was not too sunny. That was especially comfortable for lake wedding photography. As the ceremony started at the church, we’d like to notice that it had a particular meaning for the newlyweds. 1.5 years ago Deana and Ryan met at the church. It was the first Sunday after the quarantine restrictions were lifted and the service could be held again. Although the communication was not easy for Ryan, the couple found a way to be together and cherish each other. Deana adores Ryan’s carefree peaceful spirit along with his strength, discipline and commitment to overcome the obstacles. Ryan in turn admires her sweet nature and tender heart.

For a long time these charming people had been praying for and waiting for each other. They can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together. It was great to see how the long waiting got rewarded. We were happy to be the Lakehouse at Bulow wedding photographers at this event. 

Venue | First Christian Church, Lake House At Bulow

Officiant | Pastor John Pharis

Wedding planner | Lynda Norman

Wedding Dress | Bridals by Jodi

Floral Design | Country and Lace Florist

Catering | Cru Catering, Chicken Fats

Cake | Little Peanut Pastries, The Beardcat’s Sweet Shop

Entertainment |  DJ AJ Snow

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer