Being pregnant is wonderful, admirable and magnificent time when every day is full of anticipation and excitement. This period is undoubtedly worth capturing in photos.

West and Brie made up a decision to have a maternity photo session in spring so the weather was very lovely. Warmth and brightness of that day made the photography even more pleasant than it could be.

West and Brie said, “Our favorite place to be together is outside it does not matter where it is just outside. Together we enjoy each others company outside where we can just admire nature and the beauty it brings to our lives. We decided to take our pictures in savannah because we are from there and love the outside scenery that savannah has”.

The maternity photo session in Forsyth Park was to be fascinating and lively as this place is the heart of Savannah. The large fountain and picturesque landscape make Forsyth Park perfect for being a part of such significant photos.

The Wormsloe Historic Site was the second place we visited on that remarkable day. The oak avenue always looks great in spring and that April wasn’t an exception. The beauty of the nature emphasized the tenderness and the significance of the maternity photo session in Warmsloe Plantation.

We couldn’t ignore the sincerity of West and Brie’s relationships. Young and happy future parents were glowing with happiness during all the photo session. West and Brie made us feel their excitement and inspiration. We could see the love they felt for each other end their child. The couple wanted to have that photography not only for themselves but for their parents too. So we did our best to fulfill their wishes and make the photos perfect.

We had great fun during the photography as there were two cute dogs. The animals couldn’t sit for a long time, they made us move and change poses very often. Just imagine how dynamic and energetic the photography was therefore! The photos with the dogs came out to be lovely and amusing. We believe they will make the couple and their child smile and laugh than once.

We had great pleasure during the photography and were glad to have the opportunity to capture such a charming couple. It was very pleasing to get to know they liked our job. Here you can see the review we’ve got, “We loved our experience our photographer defiantly made the whole experience with his great outlook on life and the love he has for his job was truly inspiring”.

Thank you, West and Brie, for such a busy and exciting day!

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    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer