When two people decide to get married, they start to envision their wedding day. And here comes the question: do they want a pompous wedding with hundreds of guests, or do they prefer an elopement? To answer this question, we need to know the difference between elopement and wedding.

First of all, speaking about any event we consider the budget. Charleston elopement is a small wedding with a small number of guests or no guests at all. This makes the most significant difference between two types of events. Thus, you can save a huge amount of money on catering services, furniture rent and booking of a spacious venue.

Secondly, we’ve noticed the quality time you can spend with your wedding guests is lower than the elopement quality time. According to our experience, if there are more than 100 guests on the wedding, most likely you will be able only to say hello to them. On the contrary, elopement allows you to genuinely share your happiness with the invited people.
Micro wedding also has a lot of advantages during the preparation stage. For instance, there are less vendors involved, so it is much easier to arrange everything you need. Less vendors also means less risks and responsibility. Therefore, the preparation will be done better and will cause less stress for the couple.

There are also some elopement pros based on my photographer experience. I have more time for taking photos of the newlyweds. During the wedding I need to take photos of so many people together with the bride and groom. While the elopement is an amazing opportunity to take as many portrait photos as you like. After the ceremony and the ensuing marriage license reception, we have a lot of time for the photo session. Frankly speaking, I am glad to take more photos of the intimate wedding main characters. In the end it benefits both sides. I love capturing couples who are totally immersed in the atmosphere of love and celebration. In turn, they love to see the sincere happiness on the ready photos.

To sum it up, we’d recommend you consider elopement vs wedding if you prefer romantic and intimate celebration. As usual, the decision is up to you.

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer