What is the most important thing in preparations for a family photo session in Charleston? It is hard to pick out only one point, because the secret of beautiful and lovely photos lies in the right combination of many aspects. However, everybody will agree that clothing has great significance.

All of us want to be perfect on photos and it doesn’t mean you should choose your finest clothes. Picking up dressing in advance is especially important when photographing with children. For a family photography with kids you should not only match all your outfits but combine elegance, simplicity and comfort that is necessary for the youngest ones. Does it seem difficult? Look at the advice place here, because we have tried to mention the most important tips to help you feel confident during Charleston family photo session!


As we have mentioned above, one of the most important features of your photo session clothing is feeling comfortable. Even if you think it is easy to inconvenience for the sake of beauty, remember of kids. They are not as patient as adults. Being too small, children often do not understand why they should wear tight outfits or lush dresses. Do not forget that the secret of lively and charming photos is a good mood. How can a child have fun if suffering? Therefore, choose beautiful and comfortable clothing!

More Layers

To put on a T-shirt and a cardigan will make you look more stylish than wearing one pullover. Is the weather too hot for this tip? You can use a light jacket or just put accents with accessories. Another way to create a good effect is to match clothes of different material. Texture of fabric can be as important as colors.

One style

Sometimes it is hard to stick to one style and maintain your own individuality. Wanting to show you are a close family, do not put on the same clothes. It is better to choose one concept and one color spectrum. It will be enough for a successful family photography in Charleston. Remember that evening outfits are hard to match with children’s clothes so a style should be rather informal if you have small kids.

Colors and prints

Speaking about one color spectrum, we should add more details about coloring. There are some significant rules:

1. Try to put on solid clothes or choose small patterns. Motley flowers, notable logos and large prints divert attention from people themselves.
2. Do not use only one color and the same clothing. All family members will merge and photos look rather artificial.
3. Pay attention to your footwear. It is better to decide in advance whether the shoes should be neutral or an important accent.
4. Remember of the venue of Charleston family photography. Is it a sunny beach or a green park? Try to match the background and the clothing to make photos look natural and lovely.
5. Avoid many bright colors. It looks too motley. And some colors are rather reluctant at all. For example, red color will highlight the person too much and distract attention from the rest.

Are you quite embarrassed with all these rules? Do not worry, we have prepared some stunning color combinations with photos for examples.

1. A few pastel colors look tender and calm. What do you need for your family photo session atmosphere more? Just look at the photo! White, light blue, gray and beige colors match perfectly and look enchanting on the background of the beach. family in the park

2. Several shades of one color let you both unite the whole family and emphasize each of them. The combination of green color of different saturation does not merge with the park’s background but look natural. mother and daughter

3. One wide range color spectrum with small patterns can be suitable for many people. Here you see different shades from white to gray and black. Some pieces of clothes are patterned slightly. Such a color combination can look boring but on these beach photos it seems very good. on the beach

4. A combination of pastel and bright colors is very interesting and beautiful. Informal clothes of light and navy blue, blush, white shades are great for a family photo session. Doesn’t the photo look cute and lovely? family together

5. Dressing during celebrations can derogate from customary rules. Traditional for New Year red and green color, not looking very good usually, suit perfectly when everything aroundв is steeped in a festive spirit! We are sure you can feel an atmosphere of the celebration if look at these photos! the whole family together

There can be found many rules how to choose clothing right. But try to put on something that will help you feel confident and comfortable. And never hesitate to ask a family photographer in Charleston if you still have any questions!

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