Wedding Dress. While choosing dress follow not fashion but comfort. “Test” your wedding dress: walk around, sit and dance. If you feel any discomfort, think about how to fix it. After all, you will spend a very long day in this dress; do not let discomfort spoil your mood during your wedding.

Also, don’t forget to carry out the shoes in which you will be on the day of the celebration. Then you will not have to hide from the camera grimaces of pain caused by fresh calluses.

Hair and makeup. “Test” and other components of your wedding image – hair and makeup. Professional hairdresser and make-up artist will certainly offer you to make a test wedding hairstyle and make-up.

Because of that, you know how long it will take on the day of the celebration. Also,professionals will be able to correct everything you don’t like.

All this has a direct bearing on the success of wedding photography. Finally, you’ll just get used to your wedding image and on the day of the celebration successfully play the role of the bride.

Think about your health. Of course, the earlier you restrict or completely exclude from your diet unhealthy food (sweet, salty, alcohol, etc.), the better. Perfect option is to do this a couple of months before the wedding. Otherwise, prepare for unpleasant surprises like skin rashes, swollen face and bags under the eyes.

Try to eat products which will give you energy and lightness. These are vegetables and fruits, nuts and grains, fish and seafood. Drink as much water as possible (up to 10 glasses) and herbal teas. A few weeks of such a diet and you are even more attractive than before!

Do not forget about stressPre-wedding stress threatens not only good mood of the bride, but her beauty. Therefore, despite a thousand urgent matters, try to find time for rest. Sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. Thanks to this, your skin will always be fresh and well-looking in photos.

Fitness is an effective way to cope with stress. Also, those who want to lose weight before the wedding will be able to get rid of a couple extra pounds. However, for keeping fit morning runs and evening / afternoon walks are usually enough.

Smile and be happy! Unfortunately, I’m not a magician, although professional miracles are within my power.

Do not be upset, for example, because of dirt spots on a luxurious wedding dress, they are unavoidable in rainy weather. And we can always get rid of them while the photo editing.

The bad mood of the bride, who was upset because of bad weather or traffic jams, would not just spoil, but ruin wedding photography.

So, let’s agree: the mood must be EXCELLENT!

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