What is the most romantic moment in your life? Most of people will answer the day of their engagement. In comparison with a wedding there are not so long preparations and expectations, everything is about sincere, pure emotions of you and your beloved one.he is on knees

I will never be able to forget Brittany and Shon’s hidden proposal photo session in Magnolia Plantation. Of course Shon wanted to make everything in secret and we create the whole plan, so Brittany didn’t suspect anything until the very end!they are kissing

The proposal itself was very romantic, so I’ve been very pleased to capture this moment for the couple. The secret engagement photo session was held in the park, I believe you will like the background of water and greenery as I do!he is putting on the ring

Shon tried to surprise Brittany so he used rose petals. From my hidden proposal photographer experience, rose petals are always brilliant decision in any romantic situation. they are hugging

As usually I introduced myself to Brittany after the proposal and we managed to take some more pictures. Of course, couple was very excited and happy so the photo session was simply amazing. I think you will understand the feeling even through the photos we took!they are hugging

It was a wonderful surprise engagement photography and I was very happy to work with Brittany and Shon!  Thank you so much, I hope to see you again!they are looking at each other

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    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer