Hardly anyone thinks that engagement is unworthy to be captured in photos! However, while for your partner a proposal itself remains a secret, a large burden of responsibility falls on the shoulders of a guy. How to behave, interact with a partner, work with a photographer – here we have prepared for you some useful tips which will help to make an engagement photo session perfect for you and your beloved one.  

Try to meet your photographer before the session  

Especially if you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera – a personal meeting will break the ice. Moreover, it is better to make sure once again that you trust the person who will take your photos 

We also recommend you to look throw the article “How to meet a photographer so that your partner does not notice anything. 

If you have a strong vision share it with your photographer  

You can send him photos you really like, tell your ideas or just share any thoughts. Besides the fact that you will feel much more confident, it will also help the photographer to understand what you want and how to implement it in the best way. 

Consider who you are as a couple 

Try to think about what would most represent you as a couple. Special only for you places, time of the year, things you both like to do or enjoy. With the help of a photographer, you will reflect in photos not only the happiness of this unrepeatable moment, but also your individuals. 

Location, Location, Location 

As a conclusion from the previous tip – it is better to choose the location special for a couple. Think about your partner and try to pick up a place, where the proposal would be the ideal surprise for the beginning your own story.  


It is clear that after such a surprise your partner, as well as you, will be extremely excitedNevertheless, felling stressful before or during the photo session will not be very good for you. Just relax and be yourself!  

Engagement shoots should be fun time for us to get to know each other and for you to spend time focusing on being in love. Don’t try to act like a model. You are most beautiful when you are just yourself. Otherwise, rely on us.  

Be active 

Many couples refuse to take photos because “you have so many poses, it is very difficult”. My response is always the same – we try to do as little “posing” as possible. What makes a truly beautiful engagement shoot is for you to feel free and just hang out! 

Of course, there are some common tips but you will be surprised how simple and clear they all are. 

Be happy  

You don’t need to spend hours in a mirror practicing the perfect smile. The best photos always come from simplereal emotionsDon’t worry about how you look, but feel. Well, if you are nervous because of the presence of a photographer, just do not pay any attention to him. Enjoy each other and leave us photographing. 

Remember, you are an example for your partner, so try to feel as comfortable as possible. Finally, we are sure it will be a wonderful eventtherefore let yourself be happy!

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    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer