More and more people nowadays opt for elopement weddings as an alternative for traditional large-scale celebrations. Elopement weddings are gaining popularity for various reasons:

  •         This is a way to make your most important day meaningful and intimate, rather than filled with the fuss and anxiety of a big celebration;
  •         Such kind of a wedding expresses your adventurous and extraordinary personality;
  •         There is no need to meet somebody’s expectations and make it an event for everyone – this special day can be only yours!
  •         You will save a huge sum of money on catering, transportation and accommodation of your guests;
  •         Finally, with the COVID-19 restrictions, there might be just no other option than making a wedding only for the two of you.

Elopement is a perfect kind of a wedding for those who want to say their sacred “I DO!” and share their wedding vows in intimacy and tranquility. If you feel that this could be the wedding of your dream, I will be honored to make photos of the event that would awake the sweetest memories every time you look at them. Every moment and every emotion you experience during the celebration will be professionally captured and carefully preserved.

Hiring me as a elopement photographer in Charleston is neither time nor effort consuming. All you need to do is follow a simple procedure, and leave the rest to me:

  1. You send a request letting me know your intentions, alongside with some general information (the date and time of the event, its location, the number of hours you want me to take pictures and your contact information). If I need to know something else, I will get in touch with you for clarification.
  2. We can arrange a video call via any convenient messenger to chat about the details of your ceremony. This will also allow us to know each other and feel more comfortable and relaxed on the big day.
  3. I prepare a contract covering all the details we have discussed and forward it to you. You have unlimited time to sign it, though usually it doesn’t take longer than 2-10 days.
  4. You place a retainer. Please note that it is non-refundable. When this is done, you can be sure that I am booked only for you for the indicated date and time.
  5. I give you a call a couple of days before the wedding to finalize the service and make any corrections that might be necessary.
  6. You have the best day of your life, impart your life to your partner and I take the best photos possible to make it unforgettable.

If you decide to share the moment with your family and friends, I will also be happy to provide the livestream of your wedding or highlight video.  Both of you will have mics attached to your clothes to combine a beautiful picture with a clear sound. Your virtual guests will be privileged to join the ceremony, wherever they are. You just need to send them an invitation link.

The price of my service as a photographer in Charleston depends on three main factors:

  •         The service package you choose;
  •         The quantity of hours I will stay with you;
  •     The location of the ceremony (additional transportation expenses might be required for remote destinations).

Still have some questions? You are welcome to contact me at the phone number 843-819-9705 or via messengers Facebook Instagram. I will gladly answer all your questions and give you any information you are interested in.

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer