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Discover Enchanting Charleston Elopement Venues

Welcome to the heart of Charleston, a city steeped in history and brimming with romance, where the allure of Southern charm meets the dream of a perfect elopement. Whether you’re a local, well-acquainted with the city’s hidden gems, or a visitor drawn to its picturesque streets and serene shores, Charleston unfolds as a canvas for your love story. As an elopement photographer, I have the honor of capturing the unique essence of each couple against the backdrop of Charleston’s most stunning and diverse venues.


This guide is designed to lead you, whether you’re discovering these spots for the first time or seeing familiar scenes in a new light, through a curated selection of venues that epitomize the city’s beauty and ambiance. From tranquil beachfronts to historic downtown gardens, each location promises a bespoke experience, blending the intimacy of your special moment with the enchanting spirit of Charleston. Let us embark on a journey through venues that are not just settings, but destinations in their own right, each offering a glimpse into the heart of this captivating city, where every photograph is a window to an unforgettable memory.

Historic Downtown

White Point Garden

Discover Romance Amidst Oaks: Nestled in the heart of Charleston, White Point Garden is a sanctuary of love, where majestic oaks whisper tales of timeless romance. The gazebo, a charming jewel in this lush garden, offers an intimate space for your vows. Imagine your special moment, enveloped in the garden’s serene beauty, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Hampton Park

A Vibrant Floral Embrace: Hampton Park is a canvas of nature’s finest hues, a perfect setting for lovers to embark on their journey. Amidst ever-blooming flowers, your elopement becomes a vibrant celebration of love. The park’s gazebo, encircled by the graceful dance of ancient oaks, sets a stage for romance, promising enchanting photographs to cherish.

Pineapple Fountain

Urban Elegance Meets Nature’s Charm: The Pineapple Fountain, an emblem of Charleston’s allure, offers a unique blend of urban sophistication and tranquil harbor views. As the day breaks, the fountain basks in a golden glow, offering an idyllic setting for your sunrise ceremony—a moment of pure magic, captured forever against this picturesque backdrop.

Washington Square

A Timeless Love Affair: Washington Square is a hidden gem, a serene spot where love finds its timeless expression. Surrounded by the charm of cobblestone and the whispers of history, your elopement here is more than a ceremony; it’s a step into a love story that transcends time, captured in stunning photographs amidst this quaint oasis.

The Governor’s House Inn

Elegance and History Intertwined: At The Governor’s House Inn, experience a blend of Charleston’s rich history and undeniable elegance. This venue, a symbol of sophistication, offers an exquisite backdrop for your vows. Envision your day, wrapped in the inn’s historic charm, creating a tapestry of memories in this luxurious setting.

Governor Thomas Bennett House

Garden Romance in Historic Splendor: The Governor Thomas Bennett House, a treasure trove of charm, awaits with its lush gardens and whimsical fountain. Here, your elopement unfolds like a storybook romance amidst manicured lawns and elegant flora. This historic venue, a portrait of tranquility, promises a ceremony as enchanting as the garden itself.

Planters Inn

Sophistication in the Heart of Charleston: In the vibrant pulse of Charleston’s market area lies Planters Inn, a haven of refined elegance. This venue, a blend of class and romance, offers an intimate setting for your special day. Picture your elopement, imbued with sophistication, in a setting that echoes the lively spirit of Charleston.

Philip Simmons Heart Garden

Tranquility in a Hidden Gem: The Heart Garden, a serene and tucked-away oasis, offers a peaceful embrace for your elopement. Surrounded by blooming flowers and greenery, it’s a symbol of love and intimacy, perfect for those seeking a quiet yet profound place to say ‘I do’.

Dock Street Theater

Theatrical Charm for Your Special Day: At Dock Street Theater, experience a blend of Charleston’s rich cultural heritage and romance. This historic venue, with its elegant courtyard, sets the stage for a truly memorable elopement, infused with the grandeur of the arts.

Philadelphia Alley

Historic Seclusion in the City: Philadelphia Alley, a secluded and historic pathway, offers a charming backdrop for intimate ceremonies. Its cobblestone path and timeless aura provide a uniquely romantic setting, perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of Charleston’s storied past.

The Dewberry Charleston

Modern Elegance Overlooking Charleston: The Dewberry presents a contemporary twist on Charleston charm. Its rooftop setting offers breathtaking city views, creating a sophisticated and modern backdrop for your ceremony, especially enchanting during the golden hours of sunrise or sunset.

The Restoration Charleston

The Restoration Charleston is nestled in the heart of historic Charleston. This venue blends urban charm with Southern elegance. The rooftop provides a stunning view of the Charleston skyline, making it a favorite spot for sunset ceremonies and portraits. The intimate scale of the hotel ensures that couples feel like they are in their private retreat, adding to the exclusivity of their special day. For couples looking for a blend of contemporary luxury and historical charm, The Restoration Charleston not only meets expectations but exceeds them, making it a jewel among Charleston elopement venues.

20 South Battery

Secret Garden Elopement: 20 South of Battery, with its private garden, offers a secluded, romantic setting. Imagine an intimate ceremony amidst lush greenery, where the whispers of nature and the charm of Charleston come together to create a magical moment.

Wentworth Mansion

Luxury and Panoramic Views: Wentworth Mansion exudes grandeur and elegance. Its rooftop cupola offers a breathtaking view of Charleston, combining the opulence of a luxury hotel with a private, intimate setting for a truly exquisite elopement experience.

Poogan’s Courtyard

Charm and Elegance for Larger Celebrations: Poogan’s Courtyard, with its blend of indoor elegance and beautiful décor, is perfect for a more grandiose yet intimate celebration. Its inviting atmosphere and stylish setting make it ideal for couples seeking a sophisticated yet welcoming venue.

The Charleston Place

Refined Luxury in Historic Charleston: Charleston Place, a beacon of luxury, offers an elegant and sophisticated setting for your special day. Known for its exquisite décor and seasonal charm, it provides a lavish backdrop, ensuring a grand and stylish elopement.

South Carolina Society Hall

Grandeur with Natural Light: The South Carolina Society Hall, bathed in natural light and graced with elegant columns, offers a majestic setting. Its architectural splendor and historic ambiance create a perfect blend of past and present for a ceremony steeped in tradition and beauty.

The Spectator Hotel

Stylish Elegance in a Prime Location: The Spectator Hotel, renowned for its bright ambiance and ideal location, offers a chic setting for your vows. Surrounded by Charleston’s charm, its excellent lighting and proximity to scenic spots make it a superb choice for a modern, elegant elopement.

French Quarter Inn

Intimate Luxury with a Touch of Grandeur: The French Quarter Inn, known for its charming staircase and boutique elegance, offers a romantic setting for your ceremony. Its personalized atmosphere and architectural beauty create a unique and enchanting elopement experience.

Zero George

Enchanting Courtyard Elopement: Zero George’s captivating courtyard provides an intimate and romantic setting. With its elegant greenery and ambient lighting, this venue is perfect for those seeking a sophisticated yet serene place to exchange their vows.

William Aiken House

Elegance and Charm in a Historic Setting: The William Aiken House offers a blend of amazing decor and an elegant courtyard. This historic venue, with its opulent charm, provides a stunning backdrop for a sophisticated and memorable elopement ceremony.

Upstairs At Midtown

Panoramic Views and Elegant Indoors: Ideal for larger celebrations, Upstairs At Midtown features a spacious rooftop and an elegant indoor area. The rooftop offers a unique open-air environment, perfect for a memorable ceremony under the Charleston sky.

Charleston Beaches

Isle of Palms

Coastal Serenity for Beach Elopements: Isle of Palms, with its picturesque beach, sand dunes, and wooden pier, provides a serene and natural setting. Perfect for those dreaming of a beachfront ceremony, it offers a tranquil and breathtaking coastal paradise.

Folly Beach

Laid-Back Beachfront Romance: Folly Beach, known for its natural charm and simplicity, offers a stunning and relaxed setting. Its panoramic ocean views and serene atmosphere make it an exceptional choice for a beach wedding, capturing the essence of the ocean.

Kiawah Island

Luxurious Oceanside Elegance: Famous for its golf resort, Kiawah Island also boasts a beautiful beach and natural sand dunes. This luxurious setting combines the charm of the Atlantic with the sophistication of a world-class resort, perfect for a picturesque elopement.

Morris Island

Natural Beauty with Historic Charm: Morris Island, featuring its iconic lighthouse, dried trees, and sand dunes, offers a unique setting. It’s perfect for those seeking a blend of history and nature, providing a serene yet visually stunning backdrop for your ceremony.

Charleston’s surroundings

Daniel Island

Modern Charm Amidst Natural Beauty: Daniel Island offers a picturesque mix of contemporary style and natural features. With its well-maintained parks and scenic waterfronts, it’s perfect for couples seeking a modern yet natural backdrop for their special day.

Angel Oak Tree

Majestic Natural Wonder: The Angel Oak Tree, a breathtaking symbol of natural history, provides an awe-inspiring setting. This ancient oak is ideal for those who desire a ceremony surrounded by the grandeur and beauty of one of nature’s most spectacular creations.

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Fairytale Romance in a Historic Garden: Known for its romantic allure, Magnolia Plantation and Gardens features a dreamlike landscape with a picturesque white bridge. Its enchanting gardens offer a myriad of stunning settings for a fairytale-like elopement.

Middleton Place

Colonial Charm with Floral Elegance: Middleton Place, boasting landscaped gardens and historic allure, offers a breathtaking venue. Known for its vibrant flowers and colonial history, it’s ideal for a classic Southern estate wedding.

Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens

This iconic venue offers a truly spectacular setting for elopement ceremonies with its expansive avenues lined with ancient oaks draped in Spanish moss, leading to the classic elegance of the plantation house itself.

The gardens at Boone Hall provide a vibrant backdrop, blooming with flowers and meticulously kept grounds that seem tailor-made for intimate and romantic wedding photos. The Cotton Dock, situated along the waterfront, offers a rustic charm that contrasts beautifully with the more manicured parts of the estate, providing a variety of scenic options for ceremonies and photography.

Riverfront Park

Scenic Beauty in North Charleston: Located in North Charleston, Riverfront Park combines river views, a charming boardwalk, and historic ambiance. It’s perfect for couples who appreciate a mix of natural beauty and historical significance.

Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site

Historical Serenity: This state park, known for its preserved oyster-shell tabby forts, offers a unique and historical setting. The rustic charm and serene environment make it ideal for a ceremony that echoes the past.

Cypress Gardens

Enchanting Gardens and Waterways: Famous for its gardens and boat rides, Cypress Gardens provides a magical setting. The lush greenery and tranquil waterways create a fairy-tale ambiance, perfect for a romantic elopement.

Mount Pleasant Pier

Stunning Waterfront Views: Boasting views of the Cooper River and the Ravenel Bridge, Mount Pleasant Pier offers a picturesque waterside venue. The expansive river views and iconic bridge backdrop create a memorable setting.

A Whitehouse Wedding

Private Elegance Amidst Nature: This private venue is a gem with old trees and a quaint dock overlooking a marsh. The serene views and rustic charm provide a perfect blend of natural beauty and intimate privacy.

Eternal Father Of The Sea Chapel

Sacred Setting Near the Riverfront: This non-denominational chapel near Riverfront Park offers a serene and spiritual setting. It combines the tranquility of a religious setting with the beauty of the nearby riverfront.

Old Village Post House

Coastal Tavern Charm: Located in Mount Pleasant, this coastal tavern and inn provides a warm, inviting setting. Its rustic and friendly ambiance is perfect for an intimate, coastal-inspired ceremony.

Old Wide Awake Park

Waterfront Serenity with Rustic Charm: Known for its stunning trees and picturesque dock, this park offers a serene waterfront setting. The natural beauty and rustic elegance make it perfect for a tranquil and picturesque ceremony.

Johns Island County Park

Lush Greenery and Spanish Moss: Enveloped in lush landscapes and ancient oaks, this park offers a serene and picturesque setting. Its natural beauty and Southern charm are ideal for a tranquil, rustic elopement.

Azalea Park

Floral Beauty in Summerville: Located in downtown Summerville, this park offers a charming garden atmosphere. Its vibrant flowers and serene ponds create a picturesque setting for a classic garden park elopement.

Ocean Walk at Pitt Street Bridge Park

Coastal Serenity in Mount Pleasant: Pitt Street in Mount Pleasant unfolds as a serene park with a quintessential South Carolina charm. Lush palmetto trees and stunning harbor views create a picturesque setting, especially magical during sunset, perfect for a coastal-themed ceremony.

The Pelican Watch Pavilion at Folly Beach County Park

Idyllic Beachfront Splendor: Pelican Watch Pavilion, nestled on Folly Beach, provides a perfect beachfront setting for a serene ceremony. With the ocean as your backdrop, the pavilion offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty and comfortable shelter, creating an unforgettable coastal elopement experience.


Private Riverside Elegance: Runnymede, a secluded venue known for its lush landscapes and scenic river views, offers a tranquil and picturesque setting. Ideal for intimate ceremonies, its charming river vistas and verdant surroundings provide a serene and private environment for your special day.

Charles Towne Landing

Historic Splendor Amidst Nature: Charles Towne Landing, rich in history and natural beauty, presents a captivating setting with its majestic Avenue of Oaks. The lush gardens and historical backdrop blend to create an enchanting environment, perfect for a ceremony that merges the elegance of historic landscapes with the tranquility of natural gardens.

Palmetto Islands County Park

Rustic Beauty by the Marshes: Palmetto Islands County Park, with its expansive boardwalks and picturesque marsh views, offers a serene natural setting. Ideal for couples seeking a tranquil waterside venue, the rustic charm of the boardwalks and the serene beauty of the marshlands come together to create a picturesque and peaceful elopement location.

As our journey through Charleston’s most enchanting elopement venues comes to a close, we hope you have found inspiration and envisioned the backdrop for your special day. Each venue, steeped in its own unique charm and beauty, offers more than just a location—it offers a chapter in your love story, waiting to be written. Whether you’re drawn to the historic allure of the city’s heart, the serene whispers of the ocean, or the tranquil embrace of nature, Charleston is a mosaic of picturesque settings that promise to make your elopement as beautiful and unique as your love.


As your photographer, I am excited about the opportunity to capture the essence of your relationship in this magical city. Remember, each photograph will not just reflect a moment in time, but the timeless love that brought you to Charleston, the city where romance lives in every corner. Your elopement is not just an event; it’s a memory etched into the very soul of this place, a memory that I look forward to capturing with every shot.


Thank you for considering Charleston as the setting for your love story. It is a place where every couple, local or visiting, finds a piece of their heart, and every elopement becomes a part of the city’s rich tapestry of tales. I can’t wait to help you write yours.

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