There is nothing better than revising photos of the moment when your second half answered “yes”! Genuine emotions, sparkles in the eyes, a magical atmosphere are the main, but not the only reasons why an engagement photo session is worth shooting.

However, there are some difficulties. It is clear that the proposal is a secret for your partner, and therefore meeting with a photographer requires a fair amount of cunning and resourcefulness. Sometimes this task is so difficult that it takes weeks or even more. That’s why we have prepared for you some useful tips: how to meet a photographer so that your partner does not notice anything.

  1. Massage

Please your beloved one and offer to go to a massage. Perfectly, if you pay it before, so the chances that the plans will change are negligible. A massage takes a sufficient amount of time to meet with a photographer and discuss all the necessary details; moreover, it will undoubtedly make your partner much happier.

  1. Go for coffee

For example, you wake up in the morning and tell your partner that it is rumored in some cafe they make a very good coffee, why don’t I go and buy it? Just like the previous one, this advice is universal, that means it works with almost 100% probability.

  1. Shopping

Well, we know that most girls like shopping and it takes just a huge amount of time. So, if you need time (a lot of time!) this tip will work fine. Therefore, confidently bring your partner to the mall, and dial the number of your Charleston photographer.

  1. Ballet / art / architecture

If your loved one is passionate about something, it becomes much easier. Find an event related to your partner’s hobby, which she will definitely like, and buy a ticket. Then use all your acting skills to convince her that the ticket was only one, you hardly managed to get it, and she just must go to this event.

  1. Talk to her friends

Find some allies. Talk to your partner’s friends, devote them to the plans and ask for help. Together you can create a reliable alliance. Well, we suppose, you agree that meeting with friends is an ordinary, but pleasant event, so your beloved one will not suspect anything. Moreover, your allies will take as much of her time as you need.

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    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer