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If you’ve got fluffy friends, chances are you have lots of pictures of them stored on your phone. But we all know that quantity doesn’t equal quality. Therefore, it’s better to have a small collection of professional photos of dogs. Made with a creative approach, these images become unforgettable.

Having a photo shoot for your dog is an amazing idea. Pets go through their own milestones so fast. Seems like yesterday you brought home a clumsy gentle puppy that was so confused. In the nick of time, it got bigger, became curious and energetic. This lovely creature has changed your life and the life of your family forever. Is there any valid reason for not having family photos with dog?

As a team of professional photographers, we consider pet photo sessions an exciting challenge. Dogs act like toddlers, they are funny, chaotic and unpredictable. This allows us to take numerous creative dog photos. This article aims to help you find the best way of incorporating your pet into a family photo session.



Undoubtedly, pets are members of the family — being honest, the funniest, cutest and full of endless energy members! All of us love to take pictures of our little friends because that’s how we make some of the most stunning family photos.


$ 295

  • – Coverage up to 30 min of a photo session.
  • – One photographer;
  • – Online, private photo gallery;
  • – Turnaround 1-3 days.


$ 445

  • – Coverage up to 60 minutes of a photo session;
  • – Unlimited locations;
  • – One photographer;
  • – Online private photo gallery;
  • – Turnaround 1-5 days.


$ 795

  • – Coverage up to 60 minutes of a photo session;
  • – Unlimited locations;
  • – One photographer;
  • – Online private photo gallery;
  • – Turnaround 3-10 days.


    Be realistic

    Every dog has its own personality, and you know it well. You know how your pet acts in a new place or when you meet a new person. That’s why we suggest having realistic expectations regarding the future photo session with dog. Do not get upset if your pup does not sit or stay still in the photo. If the dog is very agile, we suggest taking photos while you are walking or running in the park. All ways of interaction will look adorable in the photos. No matter how imperfect you may find them during the photo session. Sincere emotions of your family playing with the dog will turn every photo into a masterpiece.

    Pet Photo Shoot: What to do in advance

    Regardless of your idea and location, there are some things you can do beforehand to prepare your dog for the photo session.

    Visit a groomer

    A well-cared pet with a shining coat will look amazing at any location. Take your dog to the pet salon, let the professionals wash and trim the fur. If you also want to brush the dog right before the photo shoot, it is OK. Just let your pet move for a while after the brushing. It will help the fur to lay in a natural way.

    Get used to the location

    Even if your dog feels good about new places, we recommend taking a walk before the photo session. There are several reasons for it:

    • it helps to know the place;

    • it allows to burn off the energy, so the pet will be calmer during the photo session;

    • the pet will be able to do the business, so you won’t be distracted later.

    If your dog struggles to explore new areas, it would be good to take the professional dog’s photos near your home. It will help to avoid unnecessary stress.

    Prepare the necessity

    Do not forget to bring the things every dog needs: favorite treats and toys, drinking water and a bowl. All these things are irreplaceable, especially for anxious pets. For the relaxed ones, they will help to attract attention or follow your orders.

    Extra hands needed

    By this we mean a person who will take care of your dog during the photo shoot. It can be a friend of your family or a relative. We will take a lot of different photographs with and without the dog. Besides, your pet may get tired. Having an extra person will add so much comfort to the photo session.

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