Once you make up your mind and decide to propose, it becomes clear how many things should be done and taken into account. This day is about to be wonderful, no way around. Choosing a beautiful place with a romantic atmosphere is crucial. You and your beloved will remember it for the rest of your lives. So do not neglect finding a good location. Besides, it would be nice if the weather is good. Although a little rain can add more romance to this special day.
Spectacular scenery and warm climate are the main features of Charleston, SC. This city is perfect for secret proposals and engagement photo sessions. If you are fond of green parks, you will find them here. What about graceful historical buildings? Charleston has it as well. Can’t imagine a romantic photo session without the beach and fresh breeze? No problem, Charleston has all kinds of locations.
In this article we would like to introduce the White Point Garden. This is one of the beautiful public parks in Charleston. Here you may see scenic views of Ashley and Cooper rivers. The park also has spacious green areas with numerous benches. Same as any other public park, you may suppose. Here we should mention that White Point Garden is a unique place. And it’s not about beauty or comfortable location. The park is full of monuments dedicated to the major historical events. At the same time the atmosphere here is romantic. You can easily find a lot of amazing backgrounds for engagement photo sessions. Below we will describe to you some of the awesome locations suitable for your secret proposal.

1. Proposal in the gazebo

Gazebo is the most important place for the couples in White Point Garden. And that’s not surprising. This is a unique central spot of the park. That’s why it is usually chosen to pop up the main question. The gazebo can be occupied by other people, so in order to have it for you and your beloved, please book it in advance. To do so you just need to contact the City of Charleston. After that you can be sure that no one will interrupt your proposal. The cream gazebo looks amazing regardless of the decoration you choose. Even if you prefer no decoration, it will be light and charming. The gazebo can also hide you from rain or a bright sun. Depending on your idea the proposal can be arranged inside the gazebo, on its footsteps or beside the gazebo. Once you book our services, we will send you the video with our recommendations. It will help you to understand the positions of all participants. It is extremely helpful and important in case of a secret proposal. Everything will look natural yet all the emotions are to be captured. Working with our team of professional engagement photographers you will get awesome photos. And your engagement day will be unforgettable.

2. Photo session in the gazebo

The famous gazebo is good not only for the proposal, but also for romantic photo session. As it has a round shape and walk-through, we have a lot of opportunities for photoshooting. The couple can be inside or outside the gazebo as well as on its footsteps. One more way is to stand far from the gazebo, so it will be a part of the background. The surroundings are very beautiful here, so whatever option we choose, the result will be more than perfect. There are numerous ways to express creativity. Even the rain won’t stop us, as we can hide under the gazebo roof.

3. Proposal at White Point Garden park

White Point Garden gazebo is a very popular spot. It’s no surprise it can be occupied when you come here. In order to avoid such situations you’d better contact the City of Charleston and book the gazebo in advance. At the same time we totally understand that situations can be different. If your secret proposal is a spontaneous decision and the gazebo is unavailable, no need to worry. The whole park is a picturesque place with a vast amount of locations suitable for your secret proposal. For example, massive old trees here form an avenue of oaks. Also there are a lot of nice benches and other pleasant places where we can capture the moment of your proposal.

4. Photo session at White Point Garden park

White Point Garden is an inspiring place with an unbelievable number of locations for the photo session. The well-cared plants and other greenery are very beautiful here. Literally every inch of the park can become an amazing spot for the photoshooting. Branches of some trees are growing near the ground, it creates an atmosphere of fairytale. You can even sit on them. Another way to take a seat here is to find a bench. There are enough benches in White Point Garden. They are good looking and comfortable. Benches help to diversify the photos background and take some rest during the photo session.

7. King St

King Street is considered as the spine of Charleston. It connects the Harbor and the uptown. Here are located all kinds of shops and restaurants. The three story brick buildings have an unusual exterior. Design, fashion and antique shops will become a posh background and help to add some variety to the photos. That’s why we recommend walking down this street and taking a couple of pics.

9. S Battery St

White Point Garden is surrounded by majestic streets. Walking down South Battery Street you will be able to enjoy the old movie atmosphere. The street goes along the shore and has impressive architecture. Old sophisticated houses decorated with window flowers will stay in your memory on this special day. Fresh breeze and amazing palm trees will create a holiday atmosphere in your photos.

10. E Battery St

This street deserves special attention, as it has an access to the water. As you may know, the photos near the water look fresh and have more air in them. Besides, as we’ve mentioned above, there are a lot of unusual houses in this street. You can find one of them in the photos - the pink house. It serves as a wonderful color accent and helps to diversify the backgrounds. If you choose your outfits based on the colors of this location, the result will be more than perfect.

11. Atlantic St

Another nice street is located near White Point Garden. Atlantic Street is also among the streets with almost no traffic. Seems like the park surroundings are meant for walking and enjoying your engagement day. Photoshooting here is very comfortable for the couple and the photographer. Here you will also find the house that we consider as the embodiment of Charleston. While it looks old and covered with moss, we understand that it has a long history. The house is decorated with flowers and has its special charm.

12. Benches near White Point Garden

Benches will help you to take some rest while still taking photos. Besides they are to diversify the overall composition of the photos and the poses. The park benches are always surrounded by beautiful trees, bushes or flowers. It creates a romantic image with the hint of comfort. One more advantage of any bench - they neutralize the height difference if there is any. Our Professional photographers are familiar with the park area. So if you would like to take a seat, we will easily find the nearest bench for you and your beloved.

13. Carriage at White Point Garden

White Point Garden has a very comfortable carriage-drive. If you plan to book a carriage, we will take a couple of nice photos. It will look like a romantic movie scene. Based on our experience we would like to recommend the following: book the carriage an hour later than the photo session. So that we will have enough time to take photos before the carriage arrives. Even if you book the shortest possible photo session or come late, there still will be enough time for all the planned stuff. At the end of the photo session we will take some pics of you driving away in a carriage. Usually there is a tour included, so you will enjoy the ride and will know a little more about the area.

14. Gates near White Point Garden

Vintage gates or modern forged fences can be the main element of the photo background. During the photo session we usually take several photos against the gates or fences. There are not so many of them on the streets of Charleston. But we know how to find the most beautiful ones. They are worth your attention. At the same time, if you have any creative ideas we will be happy to hear you out.

15. Garden in 20 South Battery

This garden belongs to the nice bed and breakfast hotel located in the very center of Charleston. The brick walls here are covered with rambling plants. It looks stylish most of the year. Forged fences and vintage lanterns create a romantic atmosphere and provide an unbeatable background for the photos. After the sun sets the illumination turns on adding a bit of magic to this amazing location. A little detail you should know: to take the photos here you are supposed to get a hotel permission by filling a special request. Or you can stay at the hotel and be allowed to photoshoot here. Believe us, it's worth it. As the hotel location is very comfortable, you will also have a chance to take photos walking nearby streets.

16. Flowers at White Point Garden

White Point Garden is a very beautiful park. Here are planted and carefully maintained a vast amount of flowers. Whenever you come here, nearly always you will find something blooming. Besides the houses around the park are also decorated with window flowers. We can take vibrant detailed photos among the exotic plants. Or the couple can look like they are hiding in the blooming bushes. There is no chance to spoil the photo among all this beauty.

17. Hunley Monument

White Point Garden is full of monuments. The majority of them are dedicated to military events. This one does not look like a weapon or anything related to war. But still it is the monument that honors the memory of the first successful submarine. It is decorated with fantastic sea creatures and a small fountain. As the Hunley Monument is located not so far from the gazebo, we will have a chance to take photos near it.

18. Lamboll St

This street is located near the White Point Garden park. If you prefer a more intimate photo session, walking here is a good choice. There are not so many people or traffic. You will be able to enjoy historic houses away from the crowd.

19. Live oak tree on Meeting St

This element has its own magic that we can capture and save in the photos. An old oak covered with all kinds of plants can be found not so far from the gazebo. Its position allows us to shoot from different angles to get the necessary effect. For example, you can stand beside the oak so the gazebo will be in the background and the oak will be in the foreground. We believe it looks very impressive. Or we can take another photo, so the oak will be combined with the Meeting Street. This location looks wonderful from different angles. You may also notice the taken photos look natural and charming.

20. Palm trees near White Point Garden

Walking from the gazebo to the waterfront we will see the place with two rows of palm trees. If the lovely couple has come to Charleston from the place where palms usually do not grow, we always show them this location. So they will enjoy something new. Besides, palm trees have special meaning here, they are even depicted on the city flag.

21. Photo session during rain

When we say “nothing can stop us from taking amazing photos”, we mean it! You should never worry, if it’s raining on your engagement day. We always have a couple of nice umbrellas on hand. Look at the photos. They are so cozy and romantic. A little rain will add uniqueness to your photos.

22. Stolls Alley

This is a narrow alley near Church Street. The location is quite remarkable, thanks to the house with peculiar windows. You can see it in the photos. We suppose you will agree this background strongly differs from others and looks stylish. Also there are narrow places where we can take photos. The feature of such pics is that they look like the couple has run away from the crowd to be tete-a-tete.

23. The Williams Mansion

This one is a gem for the photographers and history admirers. It is a Victorian house at Meeting Street in Charleston. The mansion is open for public tours. The house looks awesome whatever shooting angle or distance we choose. Stylish 19th century building with its well-cared plants and unordinary forged fence represent an inimitable place with rich history.

24. Sunset at White Point Garden

Sunset is a vibrant and special time, wherever you see it. White Point Garden is not an exception. We can find several options for the photoshooting during the sunset. For example, photos taken beside the water will look majestic, as the sun and bright sky will be visible. Another option is playing with the sunlight going through the trees. Sunset hours allow us to experiment with the lighting in order to get the necessary effect.
Such an impressive number of beautiful locations has definitely persuaded you that your proposal day in White Point Garden will stay in your heart forever. Together with our team of professional engagement and secret proposal photographers you will see all the romantic places of this amazing park. We will also show you the hidden places, where you can enjoy the intimacy of your proposal day. You will also have a chance to behold the majestic architecture of Charleston downtown. If you have your own vision of the perfect engagement photo session, do not hesitate to share it with us. We will be happy to discuss your ideas and provide you more recommendations. Our main goal is to make your friends jealous. Just kidding! Our goal is to provide you with the best photos of your engagement day. And if it makes your friends jealous it will be even better!

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer