Engagement is a significant event for any couple, so it’s not a surprise that for some people it can be very exhilarating. Therefore, people can’t relax and open during such an important photo session. But it isn’t a great problem for an experienced Charleston engagement photographer as there are many methods how to make shoots beautiful and lively.

Tim and Rahel were a bit clamped. They don’t like posing and artificial shoots. So I did the best to help them relax. We were just walking and sharing interesting stories. When I asked about funny moments in their relationships, the man told a really cute story, ‘Everyday is a challenging, funny, story. I’m very proud of her to come to the US as it is a culture shock for her and how to adapt. What I find funny, is how she has her arguments with our daugher Mia (our pitty), she is very much a daddy’s girl as Gabby (our winnie) is a mama’s girl’. All these things helped to take some sincere and charming candid photos. Just look at these bright smiles and happy amorous glances! Can you think that the couple has been worrying?

The main feature of the engagement photography became the venue. It was the choice of the couple, I had never been there before. And what a great discovery it turned out for me! The Charleston engagement photography in Mepkin Abbeywas really beautiful, calm and very private. This place is famous for both its interesting long history and wonderful nature. The first records of the place date back to the 17th century. Mepkin Abbey was originally the estate of several historic families. The magnificent architecture of this holy place is interesting not only for history lovers. Its look fascinates and helps to find peace in the soul. Therefore, nobody will remain indifferent.

The nature of Mepkin Abbey is worthy of special mention. Majestic trees, picturesque landscapes, magnificent views look great and breathtaking. The river became an excellent background for many our photos. There was even a funny case connected with it, we saw a crocodile. The photo session took place in spring, so all the flowers were in full blossom. The truly maintained garden has so many lovely features that we can’t enumerate them all. There is nothing left but attract your attention to some especially charming photos. Look at these shoots and try to feel the calmness and quiet beauty of the place! Charleston pre-wedding photography in Mepkin Abbey would also be charming, wouldn’t it?

That day was very interesting and full of unforgettable emotions. I met with great people who brought me to the wonderful place. So it was a pleasure to hear that they had enjoyed the time too, ‘It was a beautiful Spring Sunday afternoon in Mepkin Abbey, Goose Creek when Dennis met up with us for shoot. Dennis was great, using his talent to get the best pictures from every angle and pose. It was quite the experience having someone take pictures who knows what he is doing!’

Thank you, Tim and Rahel, for this excellent experience!

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    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer