What do you want the place for your wedding to be? Beautiful and inspiring nature with various views and lots of romantic points, a location renowned for both its attractiveness and historical meaning? Then here we will tell of the most admirable place you’ve ever seen. If you are still in two minds about the venue for the wedding we hope this article can will you to make up the decision.

Middleton Place dates back to the 17th century. It survived the AmericanRevolution, Civil War, some natural disasters and remained its uniqueness and special beauty. In 1972 Middleton Place was declared a National Historic Landmark. For over two and half centuries, these dramatic gardens have drawn in visitors all over the world. Here is a rare opportunity to see and hear what plantation life was like in the 18th and 19th century.

The nature of America’s oldest landscape Gardens is so rich in diversity that it won’t be a difficult task to make up with interesting ideas for a wedding photo session. People who fancy exploring fascinating historical places can’t remain indifferent. Don’t you consider yourself a nature lover? Just visit this place and it will be love at the first sight! When you see these mighty trees, exuberant flowers and secluded footpaths you can’t imagine your wedding anywhere except Middleton Place.

The scenery is absolutely varied and miraculous. The Ashly River that you can find here will become an enchanting background for wedding photos. Do you know how exuberant greenery refreshes shoots? Tall pines and live oaks will look magnificent hotos! Charming flowers in blossom will match perfectly a wedding dress and all decorations.

All the natural glories of the Gardens of Middleton Place create a relaxed romantic atmosphere. Here you won’t worry about shyness and stiffness! You can easily found a secluded place to make the wedding ceremony intimate and secret. Have you ever dreamed to be the main heroes of a small fairy story? Here you can fulfill it!

 Middleton Place is a great venue for a wedding, but it’s better to mind the main key to a happy celebration. Whether you get married you should feel sure and comfortable. And we will help you to achieve it!