Michelle and Garry made up their decision to book a small private wedding photography. They are an elegant, appealing and emotional couple, their love and sincerity can be felt even through the photos. The couple decided to contact a Charleston photographer because they know that city very well.

The photo session turned out to be full of fun and joy. There were some touching moments too. We could notice tears even on Garry’s face. We sure you will be excited too if you learn about the couple more. Just look at the romantic story of their meeting, ‘We actually saw each other from afar a couple of months before we officially met and we didn’t really remember until about 10 days into our relationship. We were living about 3 blocks apart and didn’t know it! We now have the coordinates of that particular spot tattooed on our wrists. It always felt like we were meant to be together, so when we met in person we just knew it was right’.

That Charleston photography was very interesting and fascinating. Michelle and Garry are an active and lively couple that helped to take really good photos. They shared with us, ‘We just exist very well together. We both love the outdoors, keeping fit, and trying to learn new things. We recently moved across the country from Washington to South Carolina, so we essentially started a new life down here with our 3 dogs and we love every day’.

The photography took place in a great historical place. The Dock Street Theater is one of the most magnificent and popular sights of Charleston. It is on the National Register of Historic Places. The venue has both cultural and architectural significance. The Dock Street Theater has a long history. The first performance was on stage more than 200 years ago. The theater experienced restoration and reopened in 2010.

The beauty of the building leaves no doubt. Wedding photography in the Dock Street Theater can’t disappoint anybody. The building makes the place look charming and graceful therefore photos that are taken there are beautiful and full of magic. The small courtyard behind the theater deserves special mention. It is an admirable and lovely place. The courtyard is immersed in greenery and flowers. All these features helped to create a private atmosphere which was necessary for Michelle and Garry. This place is also perfect for a pre wedding photography. The cosiness, calmness and romance of this place make it the best venue for enamored couples who are only beginning their journey together.

It was very exciting to work with the couple, we got interesting experience and a lot of positive emotions. Therefore we were glad to see such a warm review, ‘Dennis has a great personality and this is important during a photo shoot. We didn’t want to feel “posed” and we didn’t at all. He was fun and very talented and the pictures turned out perfect for what we were looking for’.

Thank you, Michelle and Garry, for this interesting and emotional day!

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    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer