Each love story is unique and special as all of us are different. But one thing is the same. Everybody feels calm and happy because of his partner. Some people understand that they are to be together immediately after the first meeting, others fall in love after many years of friendship. And everybody considers the moment of the acquaintance warm and precious. The first meeting becomes especially fairy if it happens during a celebration. That is how Amy and David met.

‘David was throwing a New Years eve party for 2013-2014 new year. A friend of mine told me to come and i arrive shortly after midnight. As soon as i came in David and i hit it off. We stayed  together the rest of the night and he was a total gentleman. Before i left he made sure we traded numbers and we started dating shortly after!’, told me Amy, when they booked their first photography.

 It was Charleston love story photo session. naturally, I could see their sincere love and happiness. Amy and David is a nice and friendly couple. We have much fun during the photo session, talking and walking. They shared some cute stories of their relationships and plans, but the most unforgettable thing was their eyes, glowing with love to each other. Just have a look at the photo and judge by yourself! 

Charleston love story photographytook place at Daniel Island Park. The venue is not very big and popular but so beautiful. Much greenery made the shoots bright and fresh, sunlight created a wonderful atmosphere for intimate and romantic photos. This place is also great for a pre-wedding photography in Charleston, is not it? 

In a year David got in touch with me again. The couple was absolutely satisfied with the previous result so the man wanted me to photograph his proposal! What can be a greater pleasure for Charleston engagement photographer? David asked me to call Amy and offer one more photo session. During it he would propose the woman. We made up with a special signal David should make before kneeling and discussed over all the details.

I was very glad to meet the couple again. We hugged and talked for a while. I gave them 10 minutes to get relaxed and then David proposed Amy. No words can describe her joy and delight! I saw the tears of true happiness in her eyes. What a secret proposal is made for! Not many things can evoke such strong emotions. 

After that we went on taking the engagement photo session in Charleston. The venue was Morris Island Lighthouse. It is a really great place for both meandering and photographing. We found a few absolutely nice backgrounds. There you can observe magnificent dry woods and gorgeous big rocks. It was very comfortable to take Charleston engagement photo session at Morris Island Lighthouse here. Just have a look at these shoots and you will not remain indifferent! 

I am sure you have noticed the unrivalled beauty of the sky here. This place allows you to feel an absolutely special secluded atmosphere. Boundless sky, calm blue sea, soft sand can make you imagine yourself in a fairy tale only for you two! I hardly can find more gentle and romantic photo than this one is.

I spend an excellent day. It was a great pleasure to meet Amy and David again and to have such a wonderful photo session. Therefore, I was glad to receive this review, ‘Denis was amazing to work with and made our first time taking professional photos a breeze. He kept us laughing and always made us feel comfortable. We highly recommend him to any one needing photos. Our photos speak for themselves. Certainly check him out!’ And finally, Amy and David bought 3  times more shoots than they had planned!

Thank you, Amy and David, for this unforgettable experience!

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    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer