October 17, 2020

The sun is drowning in the ocean over the horizon, and you are in each other’s eyes, the beach, guests are drinking champagne … Do you think this is possible only in fairy tales? A beach wedding is the perfect place to have the keynote words and first toast as a spouse. The whole atmosphere of such a wedding is simply saturated with romance and tenderness. That is why Jade and Christopher chose to have elopement beach wedding, they are so romantic…

These two beloveds are together for more than a year. Jade and Christopher met at a traffic stop when Chris gave Jade a speeding ticket. He is a police officer and she was going really fast to get to work. First, they started messaging on Facebook and it was Jade who first asked Christopher out. They radiate happiness and love and do really appreciate each other.

Folly beach is one of the most picturesque places around Charleston. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that fate can send such moments that will become the brightest memory in life. This moment can be elopement wedding at Folly beach. Jade and Christopher’s wedding took place in October, the weather was just ideal for adorable pictures.  The couple gave traditional wedding vows on the ocean shore, under the splash of waves and applause of closed ones. Chris and Jade are Christians and wanted their faith to be reflected in the ceremony. All this natural splendor was adorned by an arch of fresh flowers in lilac and grey colors.

The bride’s dress was simply worthy of a queen. A white lace dress with off the shoulders perfectly emphasized the perfect figure. Light curls are pinned up with a hoop and a long veil fluttering in the wind. It’s just enchanting. Jade was wearing a ring that belonged to her great great grandmother. The wedding bouquet was in lilac and grey colors. Christopher has a young daughter, little angel, and she has a small copy of the bride’s bouquet in the same color scheme. A classic light lilac groom suit with a white shirt and tie, lilac rose on the lapel of the jacket perfectly complemented the newlyweds’ outfit.

As an elopement wedding photographer, I was honored to take brilliant pictures of these beloved ones. They are very photogenic and charismatic. That October sunny wedding day allowed us to capture fantastic moments. The celebration of the beach wedding allowed all presented to enjoy every minute and appreciate the beauty of the details

Music | Olivia Hall
Officiant | Rob Nance from Complete Weddings + Events Charleston
Floral Design | Carolina Floral Creations
Hair + Makeup | Silhouette On Site

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer