February 20, 2021

After spending 11.5 years together, this couple already has a lot of happy moments. Having met at school, but starting to communicate on the Internet and then in person, they began to understand that their relationship was gaining more and more romantic character. The relationship was put to the test when they had to part for a period due to Chelsу’s move. Recently they bought their own house and have a lot of plans – to maintain happiness in their marriage and conquer their personal and couple goals together. 

While meeting before the wedding we had a nice chat and Chelsy said the keywords – “ No matter where life takes us I am beyond happy that we are going there together!” This couple is really made for each other.
Their wonderful Columbia wedding took place on February 20, 2021. Before the wedding ceremony we did First Look. As a photographer, I like to experiment with new places. But this First look was just gorgeous. With a yellow mustang in front of high-rise buildings. This is a fairly new urban style. For all photographers, and I, wedding photographer in Columbia, am no exception, it is always a thrilling experience to photograph in a new and interesting place. 

The bride was wearing a lush cream-colored wedding dress. The upper part of the dress was adorned with elaborate embroidery. The bridal hairstyle was in the shape of gathered hair adorned with a pearl barrette. Natural make-up and manicure, an elegant bracelet on a thin wrist and such a long-awaited wedding ring on the ring finger. The wedding bouquet consisted of white roses and greenery. The groom was wearing a white shirt, a white jacket with black lapels and black trousers. The breast pocket of the jacket was decorated with a white rose with greenery. In every detail of this wedding, everything pointed to love. Even the groom’s socks were printed with hearts. It’s so cute, isn’t it? Color palette is white, black, forest green, and gold, really impressive and gentle colors.

Bаsil and Chelsу have chosen the wedding venue Capital City Club. The Capital City Club is the peak of elegance and sophistication with stunning views from the 25th floor of the tallest building in South Carolina. With a clear view of the State House just across the street, Basil and Chelsy pride themselves on their sophisticated southern charm here in the heart of South Carolina. The reason why the Capital City Club is very simple, because it is close to all family and friends and their home is ultimately convenient. The venue is the tallest building in South Carolina! The wedding ceremony took place in a large hall with glass walls. The newlyweds took the oath of allegiance near a large wrought-iron arch decorated with wonderful floral compositions. The celebration hall was also full of flowers, dancing, smiles and congratulations. Best Day Ever it was this inscription that adorned the delicious and airy white wedding cake decorated with white flowers.  Me, wedding photographer in Columbia, really wish Basil and Chelsу a long and happy family life.

Venue | Capital City Club – Columbia

Wedding planner | Sarah Odom

Officiant | Milton Smith

Floral Design | Scott from American Floral

Wedding Dress | David’s Bridal

Catering | Capital City Club – Columbia

Cake | Publix

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer