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Welcome to Charleston Photo Art, your premier destination for wedding photography in the heart of Charleston, SC. Led by the talented and experienced Dennis Aliaksandrou, we are not just photographers; we are storytellers capturing the essence of your most special day. With over ten years of experience in the art of photography, we bring a blend of classic elegance and contemporary flair to each moment we capture. Our approach is timeless, ensuring that your wedding photos not only resonate today but continue to enchant for generations to come.

At Charleston Photo Art, our reputation precedes us. We have been honored as one of the 10 Most Popular Wedding Photographers in Charleston, SC, a recognition bestowed upon us by WeddingRule. This accolade is a testament to our dedication and skill in capturing the essence of each wedding with grace, precision, and a touch of artistic magic.

Our commitment at Charleston Photo Art goes beyond just taking pictures. We aim to encapsulate the emotion, beauty, and unique narrative of your special day. Each photograph is a piece of art, lovingly crafted to reflect the heartfelt moments of your wedding. With Dennis Aliaksandrou at the helm, we assure you that your wedding photography will be an embodiment of style, elegance, and emotions that speak directly to the heart.

Our Portfolio: Captivating Wedding Photography in South Carolina

Get inspired by our diverse portfolio showcasing Charleston's unique beauty – from the historic downtown, serene beaches, and marinas, to the enchanting gardens, grand plantations, and rustic barns. Each location in South Carolina tells a story, and we're here to capture yours in the most stunning and elegant way possible.

Wedding Photography Prices

We specialize in providing full-day wedding coverage, tailored to meet the unique needs of every couple. Our services are not just about capturing gorgeous images; we offer comprehensive photography and videography packages designed to reduce your organizational workload and fit within your budget. Experience the ease of having both your photography and videography needs met seamlessly by our skilled team.

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    Dive into our wedding blog for a treasure trove of inspiration and tips for your stunning Charleston wedding. From real wedding stories to expert advice, our blog is an essential resource for couples looking to make their day as gorgeous and stress-free as possible. Be inspired by the beautiful stories we’ve had the honor to capture in Charleston – each one a testament to our commitment to excellence.

    Meet Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Dennis Aliaksandrou Top Charleston Wedding Photographer
    • COFFEE AFICIONADO: Start a conversation about coffee, and you'll see Dennis's eyes light up. His love for a good brew is only matched by his passion for capturing perfect moments.
    • TECH-SAVVY & ARTISTIC: Dennis is a unique blend of tech-geek and art-enthusiast. He loves experimenting with the latest photography gear but believes that the heart of a photo lies in its story, not just in the pixels.
    • RETRO CAMERA COLLECTOR: Passionate about photography, Dennis boasts an impressive collection of retro cameras, including the classic Rolleiflex, which adds a vintage charm to his modern photography studio.
    • WEATHER-RESILIENT: Rain or shine, Dennis team thrives in any weather condition. Their adaptability ensures that no matter the weather, your wedding photos will be stunning.
    • ‘FUNNY' IS THE WORD: Browse through the Google reviews for Charleston Photo Art, and you'll find 'funny' is the most often repeated word by clients, reflecting the team's ability to bring joy and laughter to any wedding shoot.
    photo of the wedding bouquet by Charleston Wedding Photographers
    Wedding Photography by Charleston SC Wedding Photographers
    Aerial photography of a Wedding in Charleston, SC

    One Of The Most Reviewed Charleston Wedding Photographer

    “One Of The Most Reviewed Charleston Photographer” on Google for 2023. Also recognized by Weddingwire, The Knot and Facebook as one of the photographers with the most positive reviews.

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    My challenge is to create the most beautiful and significant photographs of you and your beloved ones and not only fulfill your expectations but exceed them… your challenge is to resist!

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