November 5, 2022

How do you make a wedding that is fashionable, beautiful, fun, and atmospheric at the same time? The mission seems impossible. But Michael and Kattie were able to accomplish the task. Let’s take a look at how it was.

A soulful outdoor ceremony was held under the tree crowns with Spanish moss. Guests seated on folding white chairs. The venue was decorated with original compositions of feathers, dried flowers in beige and orange tones in vases. On the sunny day of November 5, 2022, in Dunes West Michael and Kattie became husband and wife.

The main colors of the wedding are burgundy, dusty rose, and terracotta. Velvet textures, pampas grass, warm aesthetic. Bright fresh flowers, greenery, and candles bedecked the guests’ tables.

Michael and Kattie decided to perform a beautiful ritual at the wedding. The couple painted a “picture of unity” together. They painted the canvas with bright colors, putting all their emotions and feelings into the picture. All these actions became a symbol of their strong love and devotion to each other. Who else but us, Charleston wedding photographers, know how to capture the best shots of the celebration.

How did they find each other? They met by chance, on Labor Day weekend. Mike was roommates with one of Kattie’s dearest childhood friends. Michael and Kattie quickly hit it off and found much in common. When the weekend was over, Michael decided not to pass up the chance and asked Kattie out on a date. Surprisingly, had it not been for a chance encounter with Michael Kattie would have moved to another city. At that point she had already quit her job, sold her house, and packed her bags. Michael made the girl wonder if she really wanted to move. It’s incredible how abruptly your life can change with just one meeting.

It was in Charleston that Michael and Kattie found each other. They moved to this city from other American states. And only after living in it for several years, they met by chance. Therefore, the decision to play the wedding in Charleston was unanimous.

We decided to ask Kattie: «What do you love most about him?». With a mysterious smile, the girl replied: «I love his drive and determination. Mike is the most driven person in the world. Whether he’s chasing his dreams and goals, or cooking a steak dinner, he will go all in and make sure he’s doing his absolute best and always giving 100% effort. He won’t settle for anything less, and it’s super admirable. He inspires me to always give my best, even when I don’t feel like it. I know with him by my side, I as an individual am better, and us as a team are unstoppable».

And what was the answer to a similar question about Kattie Michael? The answer came out very warm: «Kattie’s the most caring and giving person I’ve ever met. She only puts positivity and love into the world. Regardless if it’s her best friend, or someone she’s never met, she treats everyone the same, with love and respect. She makes me a better form of myself».

Our team of Charleston wedding photographers would like to congratulate you once again on your wedding. May all your dreams come true together. Take care of your love!

Venue | Dunes West Golf and River Club

Officiant | Roger Albe

Floral Design | Flower Moxie

Wedding dress | Bridal Beginnings, Maggie Sottero Designs

Hair and Makeup | Blush Beauty Bar

Bridesmaids dresses | Revelry

Men’s attire | Generation Tux

Cake | Cakes by Kait

DJ | DJ Denrey

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer