December 17, 2022

Why not just have one ceremony, but two at once? After all, you can’t have too many happy moments and a bright celebration. Parag and Cameron swore twice to each other in love. Let’s see how it happened.

On the wonderful day of December 17, 2022, Parag and Cameron officially sealed their love at Founders Hall. One more happy couple in the world. The closest family and friends witnessed this celebration. It was noticeable that the couple was looking forward to this day.

The couple actually played two celebrations at once. The first was done according to traditional Christian traditions. Parag and Cameron read their vows and exchanged rings. The main colors of the ceremony were dark blue, green, and terracotta.

The second ceremony was held with bright Indian traditions. It was a tribute to the bride’s origins. The bride in a magnificent red national dress – sari,  looked like a queen. A special addition to the bride’s image were the henna drawings on her hands. The groom also wore a traditional Indian attire.

Parag and Cameron worked together in the same hospital. But they met not at work, but on a mobile dating app. They corresponded for a few days and soon wanted to meet. The first date, they both claim, was the best date of their lives. They immediately felt a strong liking for each other, which developed into a lucid feeling of love.

Charleston was by far the best place to hold their wedding ceremony. The Founder’s Hall in particular won them over with its huge trees, greenery, lots of open space and natural light. In addition, the couple lives in Charleston and they have many fond memories with this city.

We decided to ask one important question to the couple, “What do you love most about each other?”

What did the groom answer? “Parag is so real – I never have to truly worry if she’s being genuine. Ever since I met her, she has always had this ability to be her true dorky self, which gives me the inspiration to be mine as well. So then we’re both dorks together. Yet she’s also so cool at the same time.”

And what was the bride’s answer? “Cameron is the kindest, most sensitive being I’ve ever met. They say you can’t get looks, humor, and intelligence all in one – but I beg to differ. I am very lucky. Not a day goes by that Cameron doesn’t ask me about my day and doesn’t show genuine concern about my feelings. He persistently proves to me that I am his number one priority.

Our team of Charleston professional photographers was happy to be a guest at this amazing celebration. As well as capture the most iconic moments of the wedding. We wish the couple many more sunny and clear days in their family life. Don’t forget that true love can conquer all!

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer