Proper preparation for the photo session is a solid basis for the good photos you’ll get after. Besides, the cooperation between the photographer and other participants will get much easier when everyone is prepared for the photo shoot.

Whether you are new at being photographed or you have a lot of experience, we hope the below guide will be useful for you. Aside from the style tips, we would like to share some other details that assure comfort of your future photo session.

Parking. Once you’ve booked a photo session, you will get an address of our meeting spot. Near this place, you will easily find a parking lot. Even if it is fully occupied, you can find another parking space or an empty spot for your car after 2-3 minutes of driving.

Baggage. Please avoid taking huge bags or backpacks to the photo shoot. A small purse or a fanny pack is enough. You will get tired of carrying a big item filled with unnecessary things. Consider having the minimal set: your cellphone, car keys, something to fix your makeup and hair. If you have a spare outfit, leave it in the car. We will easily divide the photo session into 2 parts. After the first part is over, you will be able to go back to the car and get changed.

Outfit. Take care of the photo session outfit. It would be good if all the participants would have matching clothes. It does not mean you have to dress the same way. It just means the style and color of the clothes are better to be similar. Your comfort is also very important. Thus, we’d recommend avoiding uncomfortable clothes and shoes. Thoroughly chosen pieces that you like to wear will do a lot for the amazing photos.

Regarding the colors: we suggest a neutral color scheme, as it usually looks very good in the photos. Neon colors, by contrast, bring a lot of color imbalance to the picture and draw attention from the depicted people. It would be better to avoid pieces made in neon colors.

Checkered materials, as well as small prints, create unnecessary ripples in the photos. If this is not your goal, maybe you could consider other items for your photo session.

Hair and makeup. You do not have to hire a team of professional stylists to get your hair done if you do not want to. Yet having a well-groomed appearance is necessary for all participants. It will not only contribute to the beautiful photos, but also will provide you with confidence that is also great for the amazing results. Same for getting your nails done.

Try the chosen outfits in advance to check if they are comfortable. You can also take a couple of photos to see if you like the way you look.

Good mood. A good mood is also a necessary element of a successful photo session. We are sure, once you see Charleston, the happy smile will never leave your face. Have fun during the photo session and remember: nothing beats the beauty of sincere emotions.

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer