Elopement… A very exciting day in the life of every couple. Very emotional and quivering. And of course, you want to make it special as this day is the beginning of your happily ever after. Well, you should think over every tiny detail to imprint your wedding, although small, in your memory as a real Big Day full of delightful emotions.
Probably, you’ve started searching for beautiful elopement locations and come across this article. Well, you’re lucky if you’re seeking the best places to elope in South Carolina because my team and I, after conducting dozens of elopement wedding photo sessions in Charleston (follow the link to see the amazing results), have already made a list of the best elopement locations! Interestingly, their focal point is Charleston Hampton Park.
The idea of Hampton Park Charleston Wedding will make your elopement, believe me: Firstly, this is a free wedding ceremony and photo session venue; Secondly, there are quite a lot of romantic elopement locations in the park (Spoiler: read further to see&admire them). Now, I believe, is the right time to see & start admiring them! So below go our ideas as for your elopement day. Hope, you’ll find a few to your liking.

1. Best Elopement Locations for Your Ceremony

You’ll remember the day when you say your vows and hear the long-awaited “Yes” from your better half forever. This is why everything should be ideal, to every tiny detail. Luckily, if you decide on Charleston Hampton Park as the place to elope, you’ll still have a wide choice of eloping locations on its territory: gazebos, a pond with a bridge, flowery spots, green loans with Spanish moss and oaks… just pick up what is closer to the spirit of your couple, and let’s go! P.S.: the only tip is that you’d better reserve the venue you prefer at the City of Charleston in advance to make sure it will be only yours on that date.

2. Signing a Marriage License

The moment when a couple in love is officially creating a new family is exciting and, no doubt, worth imprinting! For sure, you’ll remember the emotions you feel at that moment for your entire life. But having a few high-quality photos in your wedding album will serve as a nice reminder of that fateful day. In years, you’ll get back to the photos, look through them thrilled, and feel again the warm feelings you experienced during your Hampton Park Charleston wedding when you eloped and signed the marriage license somewhere in a quiet place (like a beautiful gazebo, for instance).

3. Elopement Photo Session With Your Family

Do you know why Hampton Park Charleston SC events are always held at the top level? Because, the park is big and beautiful, and therefore, it consists of dozens of pretty nice venues suitable for various occasions. If you’ve decided to invite your nearest and dearest to your elopement, Hampton Park is undoubtedly a winning location! The multiple trees ensure the shadow where your guests can hide from the sun while waiting. Besides, the big gazebo will warmly host you all for the ceremony, and actually, any place to your liking will serve as a wonderful background for family photography.

4. Posing With Props

You know, I consider props pretty winning elements of photos that add a certain charm. Yet, they can be actually ANYTHING! A bottle of delicious champagne, a bunch of gentle flowers, a bright umbrella, balloons with lovely inscriptions, etc. - whatever comes to your mind that can make your picture more eye-catchy is welcomed. You can carry some interesting stuff with you, or we can simply take whatever we find at hand. Besides, you can always use any of my tablets saying “ELOPEMENT” or “CHARLESTON”. Props look pretty cool in photos, I’m telling you!

5. Elope Locations with Spanish Moss

Remember the “Gone with the wind” movie? Maybe you’d like to convey its spirit? I mean we could imitate the romantic scene in Spanish moss, wanna try it? OK, imagine, here we are, in Hampton Park Downtown Charleston… rather distantly from the ocean, which is extremely conducive to Spanish moss growing and flowering. The sun is about to set… Its rays are playing with this amazing plant creating a specific light effect on your beloved couple… Would you like to see yourself how romantic it looks in real? Think about it. Yet, discover more wonderful elopement location ideas ahead.

6. Live Oak Trees in Charleston Hampton Park

Entering this zone feels like getting into a fairy-tale. The vibe here is that miraculous! And all thanks to the old oaks that spread over a significant part of the park. You can lean against their massive branches gently hugging each other, or you can stand underneath their green domes kissing or simply looking into the eyes of your beloved partner, and that moment will be perfect to imprint in a photo! Evergreen oaks always work great as a background, and therefore taking elopement photos against them is such a cool idea! After all, you’ll get fantastic photos.

7. Your Elopement in a Big Gazebo

Evidently, one of the best locations to elope in the US. Suits perfectly for elopement ceremonies but… there’s always a “but”, right? You should book it in advance just to make sure that when you come there, all happy and excited, nothing spoils your plans if the other couple has occupied this venue first. So you’d better contact the City of Charleston to reserve the venue and be absolutely relaxed knowing no one is going to occupy it. I should highlight that this is one of my favorite elope wedding locations in Charleston. You can hold the ceremony inside and then go out for more varied photos. This is one of the most beautiful outside locations. White, with a green roof, the gazebo looks amazing as a background.

8. Posing Along the Main Road

There are 3 roads branching from a big Hampton Park gazebo in Charleston SC. The main one is graveled, and this makes it a really nice and comfortable place for a walk with your love. In their turn, the lanterns and benches along the road create a good atmosphere for an elopement photo session. And by the way, there are many options for how to realize it. You can simply relax and enjoy walking with your partner holding your hands, stop near the lanterns to kiss your honey, sit on the bench to embrace them, while I’ll be taking incredibly nice photos of you.

9. Hampton Park Charleston Narrow Walkway

Another beautiful walkway branching from the big gazebo. What makes it exclusive is the Spanish moss creating kind of portals that look amazing in photos. This all is because the walkway is rather narrow and the trees grow pretty close to each other. So the hanging Spanish moss forms a magical dome, and all that is needed to take fantastic photos is to put a couple in love under it. You can even hold the wedding ceremony here, or simply come to this romantic venue for a few photos - it’s up to you!

10. Against the Sunset

Such photos are always breathtaking and extremely romantic, aren’t they? I guess it’s their gentleness that makes most couples desire such a background for their elopement photos. The same with you? Great, because this venue suits perfectly for the realization of this idea. The thing is that Hampton Park Charleston is situated in such a way that the sun sets behind the old oaks. When its rays are caught by a camera making their way through the evergreen trees and Spanish moss, lighting up two lovely birds, - we get truly impressive shots for your love story.

11. Elopement Photo Session in a Small Gazebo

Though renovated a few years ago, this small gazebo preserves the old style. And you know? The style adds a certain uniqueness to the photos taken against this background. This gazebo is surrounded by a fence all covered with vines. You can stand as if you’re framed with it, embracing your partner, or you can touch and smell the climbing Chinese Cherokee rose here, and this moment will look awesome imprinted! So, the gazebo may serve as a perfect elopements venue! Why not come and take a few photos right here after the ceremony?

12. Bridge as a Romantic Elopements Venue

Another splendid venue that, by the way, may be viewed as rather symbolic - this is a kind of a path from your singlehood to couplehood. Crossing it, you enter a new stage of your love story. No doubt, it looks awesome as a background: the open-work bridge spread above the pond surrounded by lots of various greenery - all together they create a very picturesque location for an elopement photo session. You two can get right to the bridge or keep at a distance just standing against it. Anyway, closely or distantly, we’ll definitely take a few quality photos.

13. Charleston Hampton Park Pond

There’s a marvelous pond located not far from the oaks, and the bridge is also here (P.S.: so changing the setting for a photo session won’t take long). This is a lively place, indeed. All those geese and ducks contribute to the vibe, you know. And splashes from the fountain also play their role. Besides, if we choose the right angle, we could take an interesting shot of you mirrored in the water. Entrust achieving the effect to me, and I’m telling you, the result will be incredible!

14. Elopement Location Ideas: Photo With Dogs in the Park

Does your new family already include more members than you two in love? Someone furry and barking? Splendid! If you’re both devoted pet lovers and want them to be with you on this fateful day, go ahead, and take them with you without worries - Hampton Park is a super dog-friendly place! Newlyweds with their dog is a very cute idea for a photo session. But for your comfort, you’d better ask someone else to take care of the puppy when we’ll change venues for more photos. You know, so that you could relax and freely pose to me, undistracted and rather focused on the camera.

15. Elopement Wedding Photos on Benches

No surprise that there are plenty of benches in Hampton Park Charleston where you can sit to relax, admire the surrounding natural beauty (or your lovely companion), chat, or… take a picture, of course! Why is a bench a good elopements venue, you think? Well… Many of them are hidden in the shadow so we can play with the light; Sitting, you can pose without drawing excessive attention to yourself; If you want to somehow conceal the difference in height with your partner in photos, we could bring to life the following idea: one of you sits down on a bench and the other one stands behind; And finally, when sitting, you can try poses that cannot be realized standing, and this makes them unique. Interested in the idea? Anyway, we have even more below…

16. Posing While Walking along the Path between Trees

This is actually the 3rd path spreading from Hampton Park Gazebo Charleston SC right among the massive oaks. While walking across it, you may feel like you are in the woods. A beautiful shady venue full of greenery, trees, and flowers, distant from crowds, and a couple in love, happy that have just eloped - such a setting looks fantastically romantic! What else may we need for a successful photo session?

17. Elopement Photos Against Flowery Background

Can you guess why out of all pretty nice elopement locations near me I find Hampton Park the best? Simply because this is a rather flowery venue. It has a rich flora, and different plants bloom in different seasons. Thereby, we can find a flowering background practically all year round. And it’s no secret, flowers not only invoke pleasant feelings smelling great but also add gentleness to photos taken against them. You and your better half love flowers? Then we can’t help shooting you with them!

Final Thoughts

Almost every other day, I’m here, in Hampton Park Charleston SC, shooting romantic newlyweds. And the top photos they get afterwards are my contribution to their love stories (see examples here). I have a team of real pros in the sphere of photography, videography, and photo/video editing. We fully understand how important your elopement wedding is, and therefore we put maximum effort to help you get even more satisfaction with even fewer worries from your side. Thefore… We work with variable budgets. Here you can get to know the details of our packages with elopement photography prices. But keep in mind that they are rather flexible, so everything is discussablediscussible. Living pretty close to Charleston Hampton Park, and having regular photo sessions in this venue, I can come here at any time convenientany convenient for youyou time. I’ll contact you via FaceTime and show you those venues you’ve liked the most in a real-time mode so that you could finally decide on the best elopement locations and book them in advance. If you lack some info and want to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask about whatever you are interested in. We’re always happy to help people in love! And we do believe that together, we’ll make the day of your elopement spectacularly enter the Hampton Park Charleston SC history!

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer