May 29, 2021

“Brittany is truly the yin to my yang’ ⎯  these words I heard during the first meeting with Brittany and Thomas. I remember the wedding of this wonderful couple with special warmth. It was a very touching and elegant event that took place on May 29, 2021. They met at work and have been together for 5.5 years ever since. They are part of each other without exaggeration. They have a lot in common and are constantly on the lookout for something new.

They chose Charleston for the wedding because Brittany spent her childhood here. And when she visited it with Thomas, he loved the water atmosphere of the city. It was an incredible Historic Rice Mill Building wedding in steel blue and pale pink colors. By the way, this color scheme is very well represented in the pictures, vivid and bright yet without any mottling. The venue itself provides a huge opportunity for a riot of imagination. It is a combination of vibrant greenery and blue water. Wonderful view of the marina, yachts and gently blue water, a couple of newlyweds in love ⎯ all these looked like a movie scene. For me, a Historic Rice Mill wedding photographer, it was especially interesting to work at this venue. The natural “watery” beauty, perfect weather and absence of clouds allowed me to take brilliant photos for Brittany and Thomas. The bride was a princess in a beautiful white silk dress, the epitome of elegance, accompanied by a gentleman bridegroom in an elegant suit. The young people combined the classics and creativity in their wedding: a touching ceremony, many guests, a wonderful white wedding cake, and the garter off.

The wedding hall was decorated with flowers. They gave a special solemnity to the overall atmosphere. A lot of natural light only contributed to a wonderful photo shoot. As a Historic Rice Mill wedding photographer I also captured all the beautiful emotions that filled this day.

It was an honor and a joy to be the photographer for this event of creating Brittany and Thomas’ new family. You are truly the yin and yang of each other.

Venue | Historic Rice Mill

Wedding planner | Whitney Engel with The Flower Cottage

Band | East Coast Party Band

Officiant | Stephen Harris

Rental Company | Snyder Rentals

Wedding Dress | Olia Zavozina

Hair and Makeup | Tiffany Gunter Wedding Faces and Hair

Transportation | Charleston Black Cab Company

Bridesmaids Dresses | David’s Bridal

Men’s Attire | Men’s Wearhouse

Barber | Hawkins Barbershop

Catering | GOOD FOOD catering

Cake | Artistic Cakes by Linda

Videography | Brett Martin TV

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer