What images does the word “wedding” conjure up? Some people see exuberant celebrations with lots of decorations, flowers, pompous dresses and among all friends and relatives. For others it’s just a quiet ceremony in a secluded place. But no matter how great a celebration is, everybody wants to make the wedding perfect. Jeannie and Donald were not an exception.The couple is dancingThe couple is kissing, the man is hugging the woman

First of all, I want to say that we have managed to break the ice at the very beginning. I had to pick up the bride from the hotel, so we talked much.  Jeannie shared with me what the couple loved most of all, ‘We love to travel and experience new places, things, and restaurants. Boating is a huge part of our summer!’ Both of us had the feeling we had known each other for a long time! When I met the groom I understood that it was difficult to find more easy-going and nice people. They are interesting interlocutors and full of ideas persons. The wedding photography in Charleston couldn’t fail with such an enthusiastic and flexible couple!The bride is looking at the groom and smiling

What is the most emotional and touching moment of any wedding? Of course, it is a ceremony! I am sure you can feel the significance of the moment even through the photos.  Both Jeannie and Donald were very serious and happy. They looked so sincere and loving. I could even notice a few tears of happiness in the eyes of the man. The wedding ceremony is a significant part of the celebration so it’s better to find an experienced Charleston wedding photographer to make sure everything will be excellent.The groom is putting the ring on the bride's fingerThe bride stands with her back to the camera, the groom is looking at her. There are tears in his eyesThe couple is looking at each other, the groom is touching the bride's face

The ceremony was hold in a really enchanting place. Echo Rock is situated in Waterfront Park between two great fountains. Mighty dramatic trees and bright sun rays became an incredible background for the Charleston wedding photo sessionBijou benches and neat paths attested to a special beauty of the venue. Both the nature and the architecture of the venue helped to create an inspiring atmosphere. The ceremony turned out to be very intimate. Steeped in this special atmosphere the couple shared the story of their first meeting with me, ‘We met at Garden City Beach near the Kingfisher Pier where I was surfing when I was 17 and she was 15. We dated on and off the next 2 years but drifted apart and married other people. Some 33 years later, we re-connected after both had been divorced, realizing we had always loved each other.’ Don’t you think that the couple was meant to be together?The couple is hugging and laughing near the waterThe bride is looking t the grrom. She is hugging him

After the ceremony we went walking in the park. We managed to take every advantage of the location. Waterfront Park is the heart of Charleston Downtown. The most popular point of the place is the Pineapple fountain; it draws in many visitors every day. We took some photos near it and then plunged into old secluded streets. The intimate atmosphere here made the couple think that they met for the first date. Just look at their sincere emotions and bright smiles! I think this place will be also great for a pre-wedding photography,as its dramatic views and lavish nature glories can inspire everybody. Another great feature of the park is the true carriage. It lets every woman feel like a princess. Delighted laughter of Jeannie made me think it was one of the most interesting places for her. During the wedding photo session in Charleston we also visited another fountain, the pierce and many small beautiful venues. The walk turned out to be very saturated, didn’t it?The couple is standing near a horse. The groom is hugging and kissing the brideThe couple is sitting in the carriage and looking at each otherThe couple is hugging near the Pineapple fountain

The day of Jeannie and Donald’s wedding was bright and happy. Excellent weather, beautiful background, cheerful people made the Charleston wedding photo session in Waterfront Park very emotional and interesting. I met one of the friendliest coupleI had ever worked with. It was a great pleasure to photograph such people. Therefore, I was glad to hear these warm words when I asked how the couple could describe me as a photographer to their friends, ‘I would tell them that you are the one to use! You were on time, prompt with service, easy to work with and took some amazing photos!’The couple is huggingThe couple is sitting on the bench, the woman holds the bouquet

Thank you, Jeannie and Donald, for your company and this admirable work!

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    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer