Which photos are the most beautiful and romantic? What shoots that you can find in exquisite frameworks on the most prominent place of a living room? Most of all they are wedding memories. A wedding photo session in Charleston is an important part of the celebration. It will preserve the brightest moments of the event for life. Therefore, it is no wonder couples are worried before meeting Charleston wedding photographer. But Jessica and Jay haven’t had such a problem.

The couple was calm and relaxed from the very beginning. I could only wonder at their equanimity. Even through the photos you can feel positive emotions like joy and fun. And it is great! When I looked at the serious and definite faces of Jessica and Jay, I understood how deep and sincere their feelings were. What can make the wedding ceremony more admirable than the true love of the newlyweds? Just look at the photos and see for yourself!The bride and the groom are hugging on the sunset

Jessica and Jay made up their decision to hold the wedding in Hampton Park. They had a lot of pleasant impressions. The place is good enough not only for evening walks and enjoying nature but for all kinds of photo sessions. The couple was not in two minds about the venue for a long time, ‘We choose Charleston because, it has it all. Beauty both natural and architecturally. Not to mention the amazing history and restaurants. We also found it was the perfect place for eloping’. The couple is kissing near the bench

Much greenery is an excellent background for rather strict wedding outfits. Such a combination of colors looks really interesting and fresh. Charleston wedding photography in Hampton Park will make fall in love with nature even a person who does not see anything beautiful in flowers and trees. Nobody can remain indifferent. Don’t you think Charleston pre-wedding photography in Hampton Park will be magnificent too?The couple is hugging in the park, the bride holds the bouquet

During walking, posing and taking photos we talked much. Of course, I asked the couple how and when they had met for the first time. It is always interesting to listen to such stories as they are nice, romantic and sometimes very funny. Can you imagine that this person will become your wife or husband when you are just introducing one to another? So, I offer you to get to know how Jessica and Jay’s story has begun.The groom is kissing the bride, the woman is smiling

‘Wemetbecausemybrotheraskedmetocomeoverandwatchhisbabywhileheand a friend/coworkerwentandshootsomeguns. Weliveinthecountry, it’swhatwedo. ThatcoworkerwasJay. Atthattime I wassingleandjustbought a newhomeformy 2 childrenand I. Thelastthing I waslookingforwas a boyfriendbut, I wouldsoonfindout I wouldgetmuchmore. I rememberseeinghimandthinking “ohgosh, I havenomakeuponandI’mwearing a ballcapanddirtycowboyboots“. Theyleftandwetalkedfor a littlewhile. Wehad a sharedinterestinthesamemovie 8 poundsand I likedhisboots, which I toldhim. I haveseenthosesamebootsgoonmanyadventuressincethenandmanymoretogo’.

The bride and the groom stand with their backs to the camera. The are hugging at the sunset

The time chosen for the ceremony was ideal. Evening light is always milder and much better for taking shoots than morning or afternoon sun rays can be. Jessica and Jay seemed to be shrouded in magical glow that created a special fairy atmosphere. The time of sunset makes everything more intimate and unusual. A secret engagement photo session in Charleston can also be perfect in such conditions.The couple is hugging and looking at each other at the sinset

The photography was really beautiful and lovely. Jessica and Jay are great people to deal with. They helped to make our work maximally productive and efficient. I hope I will have a chance to photograph them one more time.The bouquet composed of greenery, white and yellow flowers lies on the bench

Thank you, Jessica and Jay for such a wonderful experience!

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    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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