Looking for a place for your wedding photo session? Then you very successfully came to us! Because we are going to offer you some of wedding venues in Charleston that will definitely impress you with their landscapes, greenery and magnificent atmosphere. And if you don’t believe that nature can surprise you, well, just keep reading.

Charles Town Landing State Historic Site is the birth place of South Carolina where a group of English settlers landed in 1670 and established here the first permanent European colony. And one of the best wedding venues is located in such a historic place.

Legare Waring House and Founders Hall amazes with its size and, moreover, it is extremely diverse! Despite the fact that nature is mostly around; every place is absolutely unique. Therefore, you will not have to waste precious time, running around the whole wedding venue in search of something unusual. Celebrate your special day either in the backdrop of historic elegance or modern sophistication. Whatever you prefer, Legare Waring House and Founders Hall will definitely justify all your expectations.

Remember these magical trees in cartoons and old tales? Huge, with long branches and amazingly colorful leaves – trees which you can meet only here. Legare Waring House and Founders Hall wins the hearts at first sight; indeed, there is some sort of magic.

By the way, about fairy tales – here you will find lots of arbors. What could be more romantic than a wedding in an arbor, under the hanging branches of some willow tree?

You can see for yourself what a beautiful and magnificent wedding venue Legare Waring House and Founders Hall is.  Just visit it once or look at photos, which we’ve prepared for you.

And keep in mind, whatever you choose we are always here to help you!

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer