July 24, 2022

Warm sunbeams, singing birds, slight excitement, last preparations for a special day. On July 24, 2022, Lindsey and Aaron became husband and wife at Lovegrove Estate. The wedding was held outside under the shade of huge trees. Gently holding hands the couple said their vows. The second part of the celebration with dancing, songs and delicious snacks was held under the marquee.

Our Charleston photography team captured many memorable shots in green natural locations, on an old wooden bridge, by a well. Those unique emotions during the first look!

The main color scheme of the wedding is a combination of blue, green and white. The bride chose a delicate blue strapless dress. Her loose hair was complemented by silver jewelry. The tulle skirt was decorated with white flowers.  The original bouquet of red, blue, pink flowers. It turned out to be a very romantic image. Bridesmaids in delicate turquoise dresses looked stylish and harmonious.

The groom was dressed in his navy uniform. White suit with epaulets – it looked gorgeous. Friends of the groom also appeared in their navy uniform.

The unity ceremony was especially interesting. The bride and groom were joined by a veil and a rope. An interesting Filipino tradition. It became a symbol that further in life they go together, supporting and protecting each other.

Charleston won the couple over with its special atmosphere, naturalness and the beauty of nature. It is hard to find a better place for an intimate, warm ceremony.

“What do you love most about him?” She replied with a smile, “His sweet side, that he does not like to show very often, in fact I may be the only one lucky enough to get to see it! He truly cares for me and makes it obvious in his own private way.”

“What do you love most about her?”. He answered without hesitation, “She is very caring and passionate. She is hilarious and someone I enjoy being around while most people I only tolerate.”

Our Charleston wedding photography team wholeheartedly congratulates Lindsey and Aaron on their beautiful wedding day. Build your future, happiness and love together.

Venue | Lovegrove Estate

Caterer | Just Eat This

Reception, Entertainment | Best Night Ever DJ & Events

Wedding planner | Brand Bars and Events

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer