Engagement photo session is a wonderful and very exciting time in every love story. There are so many creative ways to make your proposal unforgettable! I believe, experienced Charleston photographer can help you with this difficult task.

Engagement photography on the beach

I will never forget Andrew and Jacqueline’s hidden engagement photography on the beach. From my experience beach is a wonderful place for taking pictures, especially romantic ones. As you remember I have already told you about the best time for a beach photography to make your photographs look amazing.

they are smilling to each other

We managed to contact with Andrew before the photo session to discuss everything in detail (it is a very important part in my work as a hidden proposal photographer), so Jacqueline expected absolutely nothing! Proposal itself was perfect and I was very touched with sincere emotions which you can feel even throw the photographs.

We also managed to use different stuff for the photo session. Just look at this blackboard with “Marry me” on it! Jacqueline was absolutely shocked so that she could not hold her tears!

he is on knees

I believe it was amazing hidden proposal photo session. It is always a big pleasure for me to spend time with such fantastic people. I hope that one day I will have one more opportunity to work with Andrew and Jacqueline again! Thank you so much!

they are huggingthey are hugging

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    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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