May 21, 2022

On May 21, 2022, Raven and Antonio were married. Amidst a palm tree, to the sound of an enchanting cello, Raven and Antonio exchanged rings and became husband and wife. Waterfront Venue, the Cooper River flowing into Charleston Harbor, and plenty of greenery made it the perfect place for a wedding.

The couple did not choose a specific theme for their wedding. They preferred a stylish and concise celebration. The main color was white, with the addition of black accents. This was also evident in the rings: a sophisticated ring with a stone for her, and a massive black ring for him.

The bride chose a white discreet dress with open shoulders. Her image was completed with a long veil and a bouquet of white roses.The groom wore a dark blue suit and a black bowtie. The bridesmaids dresses are black and the guys tuxes are midnight blue with black trim.

After the ceremony, the couple shared a Unity Tequila Shot. The bride and groom drank while holding the same wooden stand together. This was a symbol of their coming together for a happy married life.

A few memorable shots wedding photographers took in the background of Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, amidst green nature, at the entrance to the venue, where the couple decided to continue the celebration.

Raven and Antonio met in college. Their meeting happened in a parking lot. A chance encounter became the foundation for true love. Four years of a relationship filled with vivid emotions and fond memories turned into a desire to tie the knot.

So why did Charleston become the location for the couple’s wedding? First of all, it was the bride’s hometown. The beautiful setting at Cooper River left the couple in their hearts and they decided that this is where they wanted their special day to be.

We, wedding photographers Charleston, wish Raven and Antonio to love and cherish each other. That the sparkle in their eyes, that we captured in the wedding photos, will last throughout your married life.

Venue | Harborside East Event Venue

Music | Seth G.

Wedding planning | Pinnacle Weddings

Officiant | Tory Liferidge

Rental | Event-house

Floral Design | Flora By Hannah

Wedding dress | White on Daniel Island

Hair and Makeup | Ashley McQueen +  galyagornishka

Bridesmaids dress | Revelery

Men’s attire | Men’s Wearhouse

Catering | Rosemary and Rye Catering

Cake | SugarBakers Cakes + Carolina Cakes

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer