Now you’ve booked your engagement photo session, and you are on the new so-called “stage of preparation”. These engagement photos will take a place in a family album or hang on the wall for years to come. Therefore, clothing for the engagement photo session is extremely important. 

Proper selection of clothing will help to put the right accents in the frame, to convey the mood and most importantly, you will feel confident and comfortable during the photo session.

First of all, you are to determine the location and style of your engagement photo session. These 2 components will help to choose the clothing.  Here are our suggestions for your engagement session.

Who is the first?

Consistency in clothing choices is always a good thing. We always recommend that the bride-to-be chooses her outfit for the engagement photo session first. Then it will be much easier to choose the right clothes for the groom.

Feelings & Comfort

Choose clothes that fit you, that do not hinder your movements, in which you feel comfortable. This is the key to a good mood and happy smiles. Do not give preference to dresses that are too short, unless of course, this is the main idea of the shooting. We are for a flawless selection of clothes to hide flaws and emphasize the advantages, not vice versa.

Harmony of color

Getting the color and shade of your look right is half the battle! 

As the basis of the image choose one color. It will hold the main part of the space. You can add one or two more colors to it, but no more.

Extra colors 

In this case, white, gray, and black colors can be added over and above this norm, if necessary. They are achromatic and you can mix them with all the colors of the spectrum. But do not overdo it, remember, the main color should be one!

No big prints & patterns

Clothes with a single color or clothes with a discreet small pattern will look more stylish in the frame. Avoid large logos, geometric shapes, and inscriptions on clothing, clothing in small stripes or checks (in photos they may merge into unpleasant ripples). For the same reason, you should refuse clothes with sequins, rhinestones, and shimmering artificial fabrics.

Classic is not always a good choice

Do not create an image on the principle of the light top dark bottom, it will visually break the picture, it is better to stop only on the light or on more saturated tones.

Think about the season

As Charleston is a very “green and natural” city, it is better to choose light and pastel colors in spring and summer. Because nature is really vibrant during these seasons. But if your engagement photo session takes place in the late autumn or winter, a brighter color palette is highly desired. 

No worries about the weather

The weather in Charleston is changeable. But don’t postpone an engagement photo session because of rain or a couple of clouds. Even in this weather we will take great pictures. We can arrange a photo session under umbrellas, in a raincoat and rubber boots. The rain in this case will only add romance.

Another tip for grooms

While it is usually hot in Charleston, then bring an extra set of clothes or a shirt and T-shirt.

We hope that our article was helpful and you found your perfect look for your engagement photo session.

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer