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We know that very few old-fashioned wedding traditions have stood the test of time. Lots of their different styles and types have all but disappeared.

However, elopement marriage isn’t something new. It’s surprisingly coming back in a big way. No doubt, it’s still one of the most popular types of weddings nowadays.



Here you may look through our micro wedding packages. If you want to know more about elopement prices, click the button Learn More.

"Camelia" Elopement Package

$ 395

  • – Up to 40 adult guests;
  • – Coverage no less than 1 hour on your elopement photo session;
  • – 20 photos of your choice will be professionally edited for social media;

"Jasmine" Elopement Package

$ 745

  • – Up to 40 adult guests;
  • – Coverage no less than 2 hours on your elopement photo session;
  • – 40 photos of your choice will be professionally edited for social media;

"Indigo" Elopement Package

$ 1,495

  • – Up to 40 adult guests;
  • – Coverage no less than 4 hours on your elopement session;
  • – 60 photos of your choice will be professionally edited for social media;


Adding officiant services to your elopement package allows you to book two main vendors at a time. We cooperate with amazing professionals, who can create priceless memories for your and your beloved. Working with them, you will have a chance to discuss your ideas and make a proper plan. There are no similar couples, each has their own preferences. Elopement is an amazing opportunity to fulfill your dreams, as there will be no people to please. A good officiant will help you to prepare the ceremony in the way you like.


Also don't forget to check the latest video reviews from our amazing clients!

Our vision of elopement photography

If you want your wedding day to be exciting, relaxing, full of positive emotions, and at the end receive artistic and meaningful portraits — then you’re in the right place! Elope photography is our specialization. CharlestonPhotoArt team will help you to create a wonderful story during our elopement photo session. And the pictures we take will always remind you of this unique day!

Maybe you’ve spontaneously decided to elope in Charleston or you’ve been carefully planning it for a long time. Anyway, you will probably ask me, “Why should we choose your team, Dennis?”. That’s a very good question, so let me explain!

We always tell our clients, “Bring the smiles, we’ll do the rest!”. It means you should not worry about your elopement photography. Even if you think that you are not very comfortable with a camera, let us change your mind! We guarantee a personal approach to each client and make sure you’ll love taking part in a photoshoot.

As a team of experienced intimate wedding photographers, we understand that photography cost correlates with the couples’ budget and needs. That’s why we would like to offer not only expensive micro wedding packages, but also affordable ones. Elopement packages in South Carolina may include a variety of extra services. The pricing depends on the options you would like to have. Whatever you choose, every photo from your elopement will be bright and emotional. If you are ready to get the best elopement pictures, feel free to contact us!

Elopement photography packages brief description

The Holy City is a perfect destination for your intimate wedding. It has already become an international nuptial place. The picturesque area makes it even better. People from all over the world come here to get married. Having an elopement here is a brilliant idea. If you live not so far and look for an elopement photographer near your home, check Charleston. We promise you will love it.

We are pleased to demonstrate our style of planning and conducting your intimate wedding along with a high level of proficiency. We understand that everyone has a unique personality. We care about the way you want to express your love and capture those priceless moments. Our goal is to offer you unsurpassed service and attention.

Our shooting style is a mix of prompting your genuine interaction and backing off, giving you some space, letting everything look natural.

We’ve been working in the industry for many years. That’s why we can recommend other vendors for your elopement. Some of the extra services are included in our packages. Just look through them and find the one that meets your needs. We know amazing cake chefs, officiants, decorators and other talented professionals. Do not hesitate to ask questions if you need more than just a small wedding photographer for your special day.

Together we can plan an inspirational photo session in Charleston. It will allow you to be authentic together! We will take care of everything, so on elopement day you will be focused on the celebration itself. Choosing us, you will experience an amazing journey to some of the most beautiful East Coast locations!


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