Chelsia and Patrick aren’t strangers for us. We have worked on their engagement photo session together before. This circumstance has considerably simplified the problem to make the perfect wedding photography. 

Chelsia and Patrick haven’t been questioning about the place of the wedding for a long time. Look what they say about this, ‘This is the city that we both grew up in and is our favorite place on earth. Most of our friends and family lives in Charleston and this is the place that we truly consider to be home’. 

The ceremony took place in Dorchester Presbyterian Church. It is a beautiful and charming place which is the ideal venue for this significant event. Elegant interior of the church helped to create solemn atmosphere and emphasize the importance of the moment. We managed to take a few photos outside too as there was a pretty nice view. 

The couple made up their decision to hold the reception in Planter’s Walk Clubhouse. This place is appropriate for many kinds of parties and social events as through its spaciousness and diverse facilities. Nature lovers will be fond of beautiful trees and lovely landscape. The wedding photo session in Planter’s Walk Clubhouse turned out to be impressive and fascinating.  

It was very pleasing to shoot this wedding. Young and cheerful Chelsia and Patrick did the utmost to make their celebration full of fun, joy and positive emotions. Their rich imagination and brilliant ideas gave many possibilities for the wedding photo session. Therefore we could come up with a lot of interesting and romantic scenes. The couple love each other and have the same interests, that is evidently from their words, ‘We both love food and drink. We love going out together and trying new food or going out to our favorite restaurants. There we eat good food, drink good drink, and most importantly spend quality time with each other absent of interruptions’. 

We can’t forget friendly guests. Chelsia and Patrick’s parents, their siblings with families, friends of the couple helped to make the wedding amazing and funny. 

The wedding was long and emotionally charged but not tiring at all. The couple organized all the events very well and we did our best to capture them in photos thus they could refresh these memories at any time. 

Thank you, Chelsia and Patrick, for this exciting day! 

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