There are so many moments in family life that are worth capturing in photos. Everything is changing and leaving, children are growing up and moving. Therefore a photo session with a good family photographer in Charleston is a great chance to save some priceless memories and make them immortal.

Sometimes a photo session is a good idea for a gift. That family photography in Charleston was booked by Amy’s brother. We noticed the warmth and sincerity of the relationships of all members. And how united the kids were! Three little boys were playing together with joy and enthusiasm but it wasn’t the most interesting between them. Two elder brothers were looking after the youngest one and that responsibility and attentiveness marveled and touched us very much.

The family made their decision to hold a photo session in Waterfront Park. It’s a very beautiful and inspiring place so we are always glad to work there but the parents have had their own reasons. They shared with us why they have chosen exactly that venue, ‘We decided to take our family pictures at the Waterfront Park downtown because we visit that park frequently together as a family and our kids are always enthralled with the people, the sailboats and the beautiful landscape. There’s something so captivating about the Charleston harbor and the way the light reflects off the water in the later hours of the day’.

The photo session was very dynamic and mobile. Three energetic little boys made us move much so we could try many different poses and places. It was possible as the park is full of beautiful and admirable points. Gorgeous fountains, elegant benches, charming trees and nice flowerbeds helped to create the perfect atmosphere for that event. The weather was quite cool therefore the work turned out to be pleasant and comfortable. The kids photography in Waterfront Park disappointed nobody. The family had a nice funny walk and lovely cheerful photos, we had interesting experience and many possibilities. Of course, all of us had a lot of positive emotions.

We did our best to make the photos lively and beautiful therefore it was very pleasing to have such a nice review, ‘As a photographer, I would describe Dennis as patient, engaging and talented. During the session, we had moments with our 3 little boys (ages 5, 3 and 1) when they were frustrated, tired or distracted and didn’t want to cooperate with our grown-up requests. Dennis was patient with them and was able to quickly capture their personalities and smiles in the brief moments of cooperation they would give him. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to freeze some priceless memories and smiles!’

Thank you for such an energetic day!

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