Engagement is one of the brightest and happiest moments in our life. For some girls it is a great surprise, others know about everything and wait for a proposal. Many couples are dating for many years before getting engaged and a lot of people make an important decision in a few months. All these different cases are united by one thing: engagement is an unforgettable moment and will remain in memory for ever. Therefore, it is better to make sure that nothing can spoil the significant event. If you want to book a photo session, you should find an experienced Charleston engagement photographer not only to capture an engagement but help to create the best memories. 

When Ryan called me, he wanted to propose the beloved in White Point Garden Gazebo. But he had scheduled the engagement on a day off and I thought it could be taken. Therefore, I explained it to the man and suggested another beautiful place in the park. If the gazebo was taken we would hold the Charleston engagement photo session on the waterfront. Our precautions were not superfluous. I arrived at the place before the couple, saw that the gazebo was taken and sent Ryan a message. Eventually, we could avoid all the problems. 

The moment of the proposal was very emotional, sincere and touching. We had come up with a signal, so I knew when Ryan was going to ask the main question. He scratched his head a few second before kneeling, therefore I was ready to capture the first reaction of the woman. Can you feel her surprise and true excitement through these lively photos? 

After the woman had calmed down we continued the photo session. Both Irine and Ryan were very eager and happy, so told me about some nice and curious moments of their relationships during the Charleston engagement photography. The history of how the couple have started dating is really cute. You can see it for yourselves, ‘Ryan and I met in our Junior year of college by being set up by two of our best friends. I remember us all having so much fun together laughing and joking around. We immediately felt so comfortable around each other like we knew each other for years’. The most important thing is that now they continue to look at each other with enamored eyes. I wonder how much joy and happiness I can feel only through the photos. And what about you? 

Speaking of the place of the photo session, it has a great symbolic meaning for the couple.You can have a look at Irine’s words, ‘Both of our parents were got engaged in Charleston and have been together ever since. The Battery, where Ryan proposed, is actually the same location that his dad proposed to his mom’. The Charleston engagement photography in White Point Garden turned out to be excellent. The incredible views of the waterfront of the park can’t leave indifferent and the family history has made the moment even more magnificent. By the way, during the photo session the couple met a real supporting team! Relatives had wanted to be with them at that significant moment, so theyjoined the couple. Their family spirit is wonderful. And the nature of the place made me think that a pre-wedding photographyhere would become charming too.

The day was really interesting and full of positive emotions. Initially, Ryan had booked only the minimum package, but during the photo session the couple decided to extend it. What can be a greater compliment for a photographer? And it is also a pleasure to receive such a review, Thank you again! We can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures soon! 

Thank you, Irine and Ryan, for this incredible experience! 

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